Wednesday, May 20


Alright, so I have now read a book, surfed the internet and overall avoided writing! I am going to go for a shower (I've been lazy today I know) and then I will sit down with a nice warm cup of coffee (or hot chocolate... haven't decided yet) and write, since I really should get back to that! I was so sick last night that I got very little done. I need to make up for the past two days! Unfortunately, I still feel a bit sick, so I do not think I am going to meet quota this week.

In other news, I think I have figured out a scene in Chapter 1o that has been stumping me for a little while-and is possibly the reason I havent written much recently (besides being sick). I knew everything that led UP to that scene, and then nothing. My mind went blank when it came to ideas. I know what I want my heroine to say, but the hero... I just knew he'd be angry. I could not think of what I wanted him to say at all! But voila I have solved the problem. I guess sleeping all evening and night helped after all!


  1. yeah. i have a few things that happen later on in my story now i just have to figure out how to get from where i am to there...*sigh* it will come to me...i hope

  2. I'm sure it will. We all go through road blocks with writing!


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