Sunday, May 31

Beautiful Day

So I got distracted by the weather and didn't write as much as I really should have. And then when I did finally settle down to write I was just so bummed out about my story. For the record I am liking it, but sometimes I get really blah. It's the first story I've gotten this far on, so I am feeling a little insecure about it at times. I've heard from a lot of writers that they didn't even like writing their first story, nor did they really like it. So I think I'm doing pretty good if I like mine! And to be fair, I am getting positive feedback from people reading it so far.

Mostly my issue with it (at the moment) is that I feel Nick and Ellie aren't in enough scenes together, which sounds weird, but yeah. The story starts off with them in their childhood (10/13 for ages), then jumps to their teenage years (sort of, it's 17/20) and then (if you've read the synopsis, you know he abandons her!) So present day is 24/27. I haven't written the 17/20 yet, because I only just decided it would work better if I did the ages in order. Previously I was going to have it be a memory or some such thing, but I found I didn't like my readers not knowing what was going on with the main characters. I was writing the 24/27 as if you already knew the characters and what they'd been through. And I also thought it could be relatively confusing. I will probably throw a few memory bits in there, but it will clearly be a flashback and the age will be very clear and it will be short and to the point.

So once I got that all figured out I started the 17/20 a bit, and also worked on 24/27 and got quite a bit done. Man that's confusing for me. I hope in the actual story it won't be confusing =\ We'll see I suppose.

At least I am aware of the fact that I'll probably change a lot of it when I go back to do revisions in Sept- hopefully! -crosses fingers- I'd like to be done by summer's end, so that when I start my 3rd year of college I can work on that and work on an agent? Maybe? I hope so. We'll see on that too I guess!

Anyway, I shall write more tomorrow - I promise! Though, I do believe we are going into the city to celebrate reaching 50 000 words! YAY! Most novels are about 100 000 for the type I'm writing, so that is half way! However, knowing me, and knowing how I am writing, I will probably write 10-20 000 over and then when I am revising I'll get rid of a lot.

Ah well, till tomorrow!

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