Wednesday, May 27

Break Through!

YES! I have been having troubles for a few days now over my novel. But today, I stayed up late (as is apparently by the time stamp) and I wrote almost 2500 words in about two hours. And the best part of it is- I like it. I had to go back and look at the one scene that had been bugging me (yes it's the scene I talked about in earlier blogs). It was messing up the flow and it just wasn't how my one character would act. So I changed that and then completely rewrote the two smaller scenes right after it. Although I am not completely caught up yet I made a good dent so far. I should be able to meet quota this week after all, as long as I keep working hard and pushing myself (even when I'm so tired I want to go to bed at 8pm). It's so frustrating when you're stuck for a few days.

I just thought I'd share a little Family Guy voice clip with you guys. My dad quotes this all the time- except now when he does it I can actually tell him!


  1. Lmao, I love Family. Still workin' on that novel? Got a beginning middle and end? Some friends become enemiesss some enemies become friends?


  2. Hahahaha I know. I love Family Guy. Mostly Stewie and Brian though. I could go without Peter LOL


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