Thursday, May 28

My Muse

Yep, that's right, my handsome boyfriend Christopher is my muse. I know that's a cliche (sort of) but it really is true. For those of you who do not know, we will have been dating for 3 years in August. And in those 3 years, he has been nothing but a good -wonderful- boyfriend to me. I could go on and on about him, but I shall simply say, that I am the luckiest girl in the world!

Now, one of the best things about Chris is that he is very supportive of everything I do. School, writing etc... And although he does not read romance novels (I mean really, I don't know any guys that do) he is always very supportive of me writing -and reading- them. He is always urging me on and complimenting me on meeting a deadline or figuring my way through something. He's always there to make me feel better when I am having a really blah writing day... Or just a blah day in general.

As you know, I've been having a lot of issues writing recently. Even though I had a break through yesterday, I only broke through that one part only to end up at another dead end (yay me). So tonight I called Chris and we had a huge long brainstorming session. I explained my story thus far and told him about my characters and what I wanted to end up happening. So he, being the wonderful guy that he is, helped me come up with ways around some of the issues I was facing. He used his guy knowledge (in other words, episodes of the TV show The Office) to help me. I know at times he isn't sure that he can be much help, but tonight proves that he can. I have tried to brainstorm with others but... 1. I am too nervous that I am boring them to death that I don't bother finishing; and 2. They honestly just can't seem to help.

But Chris and I spent a good 2 hours talking about everything and I think I've solved a lot of the problems that were plaguing me. I know the route my story is taking and he helped me solidify my characters a lot more.

So because of his wonderful help (both tonight and all the previous times he has helped) he truly is my muse; though, not in the conventional sense of the word. I don't look at him and have writing spurts of pure genius (my lord how I wish)! But he does help me work through things. And he inspires me.


- In picture is Christopher with one of his family's new kittens, Brewster. Taken Christmas 2008


  1. I'm so happy you've found someone like him =) He's so perfect for you, and vice versa. You're adorable together and I think it's apparent you've found the person you're supposed to be with forever. Which is pretty rare at this age. Not going to lie, I get jealous from time to time because I'd give anything to have what you guys have, but I'm so incredibly happy for you. You truly deserve the happiness that you two have, and I think you're going to last forever. You're amazing and beautiful and Christopher is a lucky guy.


  2. that is an adorable picture of him haha...i wish i had a muse

  3. Megs,
    Thank you, that means a lot to me.

    What about your husband??


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