Tuesday, May 19

Shoulda Knocked On Wood

Well, as my title explains, I really should have knocked on wood, even though I'm not normally very superstitious. I grew up with a lovable, potato chip-eating-black cat, Ninja; I think breaking a mirror is bad luck but only because I'm clumsy and I'd have to clean up the shards; and though I do avoid stepping on cracks on occasion, it's more of a game to me. And no, I do not believe it rains whenever you kill a spider- if it did, Alberta would be a much rainier place! However, I do occasionally find myself knocking on wood.

Yesterday I claimed it to be bright and sunny and spring-like. Today, the fates seemed to enjoy making me look like a fool. It was grey and blustery all day, and eventually I saw little flakes of...you guessed it, snow. How disappointing. Sunday I was outside all day basking in the warmth of the sun. And today? I went from one warm spot to another like a cat following the path of the sunbeam through the window.

Although I had plenty of time to write, what with trying to not move to much for fear that I'll create a draft up my cocoon of blankets, I didn't really have much success. I only wrote around 300 words because I just was not feeling it today and my wrists hurt. Of course, that means I'll have to write more daily for the rest of the week, but I can handle it - I hope!

Anyway, I'm off.
Ps. The cat in the picture is our family cat Karamel.

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