Friday, May 22

Sleepy Day


Today I have been so sleepy. I know it's mostly to do with my low iron levels, but it still sucks. I feel like sleeping all the time- I feel so lazy! But anyway, in writing news...

So today I am working on a synopsis for my story. Hopefully I will finish that tonight / tomorrow. I will be going to the synopsis workshop for RWA in July, but I figure I can always change the synopsis later after I've learned a few things.

I am also going to be finishing this scene tonight / tomorrow. That's what I keep telling myself anyway! I like the scene, but it's been taking me so long I'm starting to dread writing it. I just want to finish it! Luckily my feet dragging that hasn't been translating into my writing (I hope!)

So Saturday my mum and I are going to AMA to book our trip! I'm getting excited... =] But I will keep you posted on that later!

Anywho, I should stop procrastinating and get back to it! I will probably give you another update before I finally go to sleep.

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