Sunday, May 17

Spring Is Here - Finally!

Yes, spring has arrived!

Now, some of you may find my comment confusing since spring probably blessed you with its presence eons ago. However, up here in the north it has decided to make its appearance now. Yes, we have had some nice days before, but for the past few weeks its been consistently nice, so I feel safe in claiming spring has finally arrived.

I've been done classes for a while now, which has been nice. I did really well with all five of my courses (especially since they were all essay classes). My GPA was a 3.40, which although good, went down from last semesters (3.65). Regardless, I am happy with my grades. Overall my year went quite well and I am so happy to be half way done university!

Now, onto more exciting news! I am writing my first novel! Yay! I have always been a writer and have always wanted to be a published novelist. For as long as I can remember I've had stories floating around in my head, tempting me to share them with others. Now, honestly I haven't always kept up my writing. I used to get bored, mainly because I didn't write every day and my mood would change from two or three months ago, when I first started a project. However, since I finished my last exam on April 23, I decided to finally stop procrastinating and to just sit down and write a story. In school I worked with schedules and lists, so I figured if I used those techniques towards my writing that I would get something done. And I have! I am currently at just over 40 000 words and counting!

I write everyday, even on the days where I do not want to. My goal set for each week is 9000 words (roughly 30 pages). So far I have kept it up and I hope I can continue to! I will continue to update everyone as I go, though I suspect I am one of those writers that will write 100 pages more than I need to and then go back and cut what does not need to be in the story. Which is alright, I've got all summer to write!

And more news (I am just full of news today!) This week my mum and I will likely be going to AMA to book our trip to Washington DC in July. I am so excited to go; though, I am trying to not get too excited until everything is booked. For those of you who don't know, we are going to the Romance Writers of America national conference. I have never been to a conference or convention before, but I hope it is a lot of fun. I also hope it will be helpful, both to my physical writing as well as opening up the possibility of being published. I figure, as do my parents, that the sooner I start writing novels and trying to get published, the more likely I will have success at some point in my life.

Well, that is all for now! I hope everyone has a lovely May long!
By the way, the doggie in the picture is my Daisy girl.


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