Saturday, May 30

Back Cover Blurb

Alright, so here it is guys. You've been wanting a back cover blurb about my story and here it is! I've procrastinated enough! I would love feedback from you guys, and constructive criticism is always welcome!! The title right now is Forever. I plan on writing a three book series so... (please don't steal my titles LOL).
1. Forever
2. For Always
3. And Evermore


All she ever wanted was a home of her own...
.....Abandoned as a child by her mother, young Elizabeth Murray tried to make the best of her lot in life. As a young Irish girl living in England with a grandfather she did not know existed, Elizabeth spent her childhood struggling to find her place in the world.

And someone to love her...

.....Scarred by her childhood sweetheart, Elizabeth seems destined to be doomed in love. That is, until one summer day when she is plunged back into a world of uncertainty when the boy who abandoned her all those years ago, returns as a man...

He fears attachment...

.....Having bared witness to the everlasting pain love can cause by watching his father grieve for his late wife, Nicholas Langley the fifth Viscount of Wakefield, ran from anything and everything that could cause him heartache—including his one childhood sweetheart, Elizabeth.

But is drawn to her...

.....Running from scandal, Nicholas turns to the only place he has ever felt safe; Wakefield Park. It is here at his childhood home that he is reunited with the one woman he could never forget. Sweet and shy in nature, Elizabeth has always contradicted everything he thought he knew about females—especially redheads. And even after seven years apart and dozens of women later, Nicholas still finds himself inexplicably captivated by his old flame.

.....With her questionable past and his fear of love, will these two let their youthful lies and betrayals determine the outcome of their future? Or will they take a leap of faith and find their
in each other’s arms?


  1. I likeeee it =) I think it sounds like it's a going to be a super interesting read.

  2. I likes it big time... -Megz

  3. very nice. i like it. and now i know what your story is about :)


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