Thursday, May 21

What Do You Think?


So I have been contemplating recently, whether or not I should set up my own website. It would be a more professional looking site, with information about me and my manuscripts. A lot of aspiring writer's have them for publishers, editors and agents to look at.
What do you all think?

I've also been considering whether or not to enter into some writing competitions. A lot of them only require the first few pages or chapters of your story. I've read that a lot of published novelists suggest you do this to get your name out there and to have some awards under your belt. For those of you who have read parts of my manuscript and for those who haven't, what do you think?

I'm finally writing today, and hopefully I can catch up. However this one scene is still pestering me. It's working, but it's just taking a very long time to finish it. I am hoping once I am done it that I can just move on and look back at it in a few days (with a fresh outlook) to see if it still works.

I also think I am also going to come up with a "back cover blurb" to post on here, or to give to people when they ask!

Your input would be extremely helpful! Thanks guys!


  1. Well, I think a professional site would be cool. But I've actually tried to set up a website before and it's a lot of work. In my personal opinion, I would stick with the blog for now (or Facebook). OH! And you know your MySpace page? You could definitely make that like a little website. You should do that.

    And definitely enter contests. Or just submit stuff to magazines to get it out there. I have a book full of different places you can send your writing to if you want me to lend it to you =)


  2. I would do the myspace page except I am really not fond of myspace lol. Nor do I know a lot of people who would use that anymore.

    The contests I'm talking about are specifically geared towards the romance genre industry. Does your book have those sorts of places or no??

  3. ok so i definitely think you should do a synopsis because i would love to know what its about. also, i think you should go with whatever you feel and if you find anything good be sure you pass them along to me for a little help in my direction :)

  4. LOL yeah I sort of figured that you'd want a synopsis. Sadly, I haven't gotten very far with it yet. I am working on it, but I seem to have hit a bleh patch in motivation.

  5. I think a lot of people in the US use MySpace. So ya never know. I'm not sure if my book does or not, probably. I mean it at least has women's magazines that would take romance stuff.

  6. Humm... I'll look into the myspace thing.

    Hm, okay, well if I need to find some I'ma comin' to you missy =]


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