Monday, June 8

Sir Gawain and The Green Knight

I cleaned today. Yipee. Tomorrow I will finish the job by vacuuming. And okay, so there is no Green Knight, but there is a Sir Gawain. I need to clean out his bowl tomorrow. He's my fishy. He keeps me company when I live in residence. Guess he keeps me company now too, but he's shy here at home. Our family cat likes to torment him. She doesn't try and get him or kill him. She just likes to dip her paw in to taunt him. She's evil incarnate.

My wrists are getting so bad. I dropped one of my mums Yankee Candles today and it shattered. Luckily she wasn't upset since it wasn't exactly my fault. Wrists gave out. Again. I'm getting mighty sick of it. And the pain medication isn't doing its job anymore. Or maybe it is? Maybe the pain is increased and is slipping past the guards. It's a shudder-worthy thought. It certainly makes it hard to write. And I need to write. Sometimes I have troubles, but writing is a part of me, and now that I've opened the flood gates so to speak, it won't stop. I have headaches? I still want to write. I'm tired? I still want to write. My wrists are killing me? Yep you guessed it, I still want to write.

Christopher gets here Tuesday. I'm excited. Nervous, but excited. I don't know why I always get nervous. But I do. It's another fact of life. The first fact of course being that cat's are evil incarnate. He stays here for 2 weeks and then I go down to Virginia for 2 weeks. And then I'm home for a weekend before flying to Washington DC. Apparently I like planes.

We are going camping in Kananaskis country for Father's Day and Mum's birthday. It'll be fun =] I might not be blogging on here as much as normal, but I will certainly try to. But, boys are distracting. Extremely so.

Revisions Update...

I have deleted close to 3000 words and I am not done yet. Currently I am at 50 645 words. However, I haven't written in some of the scenes I plan to, and those scenes will be hefty, so I am not worried about word count being too low. Maybe too high. It's taking longer than I thought. Hopefully I will be done before the 11th of June.

PS. Picture taken in my residence room in December. Yes I know Gawain's water was low, but it was taken right before a water change. Picture is of my parents, if you were wondering.

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