Monday, June 22

An Update and Father's Day

Alright, so clearly I'm not very good at keeping this up-to-date when Christopher is here. And yes, I am blaming everything on him! Muah hahahahah!

Um so, Friday night the boy and I went with my parents to see The Proposal. He-larious. It got really bad reviews but it is so funny and very cute. Even the boys liked it. After the movie we went to Earls for dinner. Twas yummy. However the night wasn't all stars and smiles. When we were getting into the movie theatre I tripped on the escalator (it wasn't on and we had to march up it to get there). Unfortunately I stubbed my big toe- the one that has been infected for a little while now. So it hurt really bad all throughout the movie. Well, what I didn't realize, was that it wasn't hurting because of the infection, it was hurting because I ripped half of my nail off and it was bleeding. Oops! Thankfully my pedicure from a few weeks ago saved me from losing more nail because of all the nail polish they put on. It acted as a glue. Phew!

Saturday the boy and I got up early and went with Dad to Drumheller area. We drove to Rosebud, Drumheller and Wayne to show Christopher the "badlands" of Alberta. It was nice. Daisy was really tired though, and was limping a little, so we just carried her most of the time.

Once we got home we finished tidying up the house and Sandra and Denise came over for dinner. Denise made Baked Alaska for Christopher to try and Dad made burgers and hot dogs. Then after they left we all played games until Chris and I were invited to the Station for a friend's birthday party. We didn't stay long but it was still fun.

Sunday we all went to Heritage Park with Genny and Jon. Although it was a windy/rainy day it was a lot of fun. It was nice to see old friends again and have them meet Christopher- finally. Afterwards we played Apples to Apples. For Father's Day we have ordered a neato keano GPS system. One he hopefully won't lose!

So today was/ is being spent doing laundry and packing. It's difficult and yet also easier to be packing for only 2 weeks. I'm used to packing for 2 months. Tonight we are having More Than Ice Cream to give Christopher one last taste of Western Canadian Chinese food. Yum!

Tomorrow at a painfully early hour, Chris and I will be heading to the airport to fly to Virginia. I will be there for two weeks, but will still be posting blogs occasionally. Regardless if I post, I will check this everyday. I will also be checking my facebook every day and I will have my phone.

Hope you all have fun!

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