Friday, July 24


I swear on everything I hold dear, that my furniture is out to get me today. Oh I can practically hear you all giving me a look. No really, I swear, it's out to get me. Let me tell you my story and we'll see if you're still feeling superior to my "clumsy" self after.

Last night: My fan tripped me (you imagining a little foot popping out? Well that's what happened). It sent me flying into my curtains where I was trapped and could not get out. Clearly I eventually did get free of it's evil silk clutches.
This morning: Stubbed my toe on my bookcase. It moved to get me, I swear.
This morning: My bedroom door slammed shut on my face as I was trying to go into my room.
This morning: My fan tripped me (again), except this time, I went barrelling to the floor where I hit my head and my knee. At the same time, my leg got scraped up by my fan and my elbow is bleeding.
This morning: Well.. this isn't a piece of furniture, but I sneezed and somehow my tongue got in the way of my teeth, and I bit it... really hard. It has finally stopped bleeding.
This morning: The lamp beside my bed decided to just randomly topple over onto my head. It's a big lamp.

Okay, so most of this is probably just me being tired and clumsy because yes, I am known to be a mild cluts upon occasion. But really, doesn't it seem like my bedroom is out to get me?


  1. You've got to watch out for furniture. It can be sneaky like that. I'm always developing a bruise from some chair or table that jumped out at me.

    Sorry I haven't stopped by before now. I kept meaning to come over, but sometimes I get a case of the stupids. I commented on your comment over at my blog. I really do appreciate your visiting me over there. =o)

    Anyway, you're bookmarked now. Yay! =oD

  2. Yeah. It's odd, writers are generally more observant than most... and yet, I'm always walking into things. Maybe it's because I'm so preoccupied in my own little world.

    And that's alright. I'm just glad you weren't hinting at something with that blog, LOL. I know some people are really private about their blogs so I wasn't sure =]


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