Saturday, July 25

Contact Information Updated

Apparently I am getting a little blog happy. 2 posts per day seems to be my average of late. Ah well, guess I just have lots to say!

So I've been writing today. It's been going well. Slow, but good. Can't really complain about that now can I? I was writing 9000 words a week... don't know if I'm going to get back up to that amount soon, but I'm going to try to next week. This week I'm writing, but I'm mostly just trying to get back into the swing of things. I'll start setting goals/deadlines for myself on Sunday -nods imperiously-

As some of you may have noticed I created some more networking avenues for myself. I've always been a facebook girl (I think that's because it's quite popular up here in Alberta). I used to have an old myspace, but it was outdated and from when I was 14 or so. So I made a new one. I also hopped onto the twitter wagon even though I swore I never would. However, twitter is quite popular in the States, so it just makes sense that I open up networking opportunities for myself.

Okay, so there is a spot on the right hand side of my blog giving you all of my contact information, but I'll plop it on here right now too.


Notice the pattern? LOL!

So if I'm adding you on all of these accounts, do not be alarmed! I am not stalking you, though it may seem that way -wiggles brows- LOL! But no really, I promise I'm not some clingy person or creepy groupie. This is just in my "newbie" faze as I get everything sorted out.


  1. I've seen creepy stalkers, and you don't seem anything like one. I understand, though. I'm always afraid I'm coming across too clingy. Then I cut back and wonder if I seem too stand-offish. Ahh, the neuroses of being a writer. ;o)

  2. LOL, thanks! I'm glad I don't seem like one =]

    I feel the same way. I think I'm just going to go with how I feel about comments. I love meeting new people and I like getting comments on things, so I figure most other writers do too. Because really, comments just prove that your words are being read, even if it’s only your blog. And as writers, isn’t that what we are aiming to achieve?


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