Thursday, July 2

Happy Birthday Canada!

(Picture taken in Kananaskis Country, Alberta, Canada with my phone).

So today was both Canada's birthday, as well as Jim's (my boyfriend's father). So happy birthday to both!

Anyway... Chris, Adam (Chris' brother) and I went and saw Transformers 2 today. I don't know what critics are talking about. I'm under the firm belief that you shouldn't listen to reviews. If you want to see the movie, then go see it. Don't base your judgement on what "experts" say. Because in all honesty, they are just people watching movies just like us.

Anywho, that movie was awesome! I mean, it wasn't an Oscar worthy movie, but really, who expected it to be? It was action packed, the plot was clear and believable (as believable as robot aliens can be...) and there were funny parts. What more could you ask for from an action based movie? I mean c'mon people. Anyway, if you liked the first one, you'll like the second. It was good. Go see it.

I also went to Barnes and Noble today - yay! I got all the books I wanted!

So how did you spend Canada Day?


  1. Lol I wasn't a fan of the first one (well, besides Shia's part. *drool* lol) sooo I'm not so sure I'm gonna be watching the second.

    And how did I spend my Canada Day you ask? Well, I worked. Lol. =( Seems like kind of a waste and I actually feel incredibly unpatriotic. Unfortunately.

  2. LOL

    How is your job going? When do you start at the stampede?

  3. I started the stampede yesterday. My job isn't going well =/ I'm a runner, which means I get stuff for the cashiers, tell orders to the kitchen, blah blah blah. All day yesterday I put nachos in a container, and all day today I made fries and put them in containers. And people in the kitchen (I'm pretty sure) get paid like 11 bucks an hour. And I'm making 9.40.
    And watching the cashiers do what I'm supposed to.

    Soooooo at the end of the day, I'm not liking my job at all =/


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