Wednesday, July 8

Lasso's, Cowboy Boots and Short Denim Skirts

What is this world coming to? The lasso's and cowboy boots I don't mind. How could I? I was born and raised in the New West. If I had a problem with it, I probably would have been tied to a horse and dragged to a coulee to be "taken care of" years ago. No, what bugs me is that every year for 10 days in July, all of the... how to put this nicely? All of the "lady's of the night" come out to play during the daytime. All because of the Calgary Stampede... the so-called greatest outdoor show on earth. As a local to the area, I have a love- hate relationship with the Stampede. I like seeing that Calgary prospers with it's tourism... but other than that...

As a child I loved it. How could I not? Parades, costumes, the midway and the food. Oh the glorious deep fried goodness. As a teenager I was indifferent... but of course, I was/am not like most other people. I don't like to party... and as a teenager, the Stampede becomes one big party. Now slightly older I detest the Stampede. The city is flooded with tourists who drink too much and should not be wearing what they are. I mean really, it's never the svelte beauty who wears the strapless jean tops with the shortest skirt you'll ever find and tacky fake leather boots. No, no. That would be much too easy to look at. You see, the city becomes one big downtown street corner after midnight... except it's during the day. Everywhere you go. If they were real cowboys or cowgirls that would be a different story, but their boots are pristine and shiny and their hats don't have the telltale sweat ring on it.

My irritation with the Stampede comes from both the news and my ill timed arrival home yesterday. So after going through a very long customs line, I was greeted in Calgary by a dorky cowboy with a lasso and horrible country music that crackled with their bad sound system. Really, after 7 hours of flying, a horrible headache and red puffy eyes from crying, that was not how I wanted to be greeted. And my poor mother had to stand there waiting for me... she honestly deserves an award for that one. I at least like some country music. She detests it all. But I guess it's partly my fault for flying during Stampede Week. Oh well. I'll just hide in my house until I leave for RWA in a few days.

Does your city or area have a local tradition that just makes you clench your teeth and wince?


  1. Your city's Stampede sounds like the county fairgrounds I try to avoid in every city I've ever lived in. I'd rather stay home than eat fried food on a stick while shoving my way through a hot crowd of drunken, scantily clad people. I don't know why, but a lot of strange people seem to flock to these public events.

    You're going to RWA conference in D.C.? Cool! Have you ever been? I'd sure like to go one of these days.

  2. I agree with you 100% I'd rather be reading a book or writing at home. Why people love those events I'll never know.

    Yep I am. I've never been before. I'm pretty excited to go =] I'd like to have some writing friends to just chat with sometimes.


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