Thursday, July 16

Nationals Update

Hello all! I'm so sorry I haven't been updating you on the RWA Nationals but I've been so busy I've barely had the time to sleep! I know, I know, that's no excuse, LOL. But really. Busssssy.

Now, before I start I just want to warn you that I'm really tired. My hands hurt, my eyes hurt and my brain hurts. You get the picture. So this post may be a little everywhere. Bare with me.

Our (Mum and I) trip began on 1am Tuesday. The only reason we decided to fly that early (or that late, depending on how you want to look at it) was because it was cheap. But in hindsight I don't think it was the best option for us. Although we slept for most of the flight(s), they weren't very restful. Then when we got to the hotel at 11am we were so tired we had to go for a nap. The rest of the day was relatively uneventful. We walked around the area and went to dinner.

Wednesday we registered for Nationals and then we went back to the hotel for a nap. Yep, you got it, we like our naps! Then we went to the book signing, which was amazing. AMAZING. It was a madhouse in there!! But I got to meet all of my favourite authors and the whole thing was for charity.

Thursday (today =P) we got up super early to go to the opening session with Janet Evanovich. I'm not going to lie. I did not want to go. It was early, I was tired, yadda yadda yadda. But I am glad we did go. She was superb to listen to. Really funny and very inspirational.

After that we went to the goody room for free things (WOO HOO)! After that we went to the luncheon with Linda Howard as the keynote speaker. She was also amazing to listen to. Very funny. At lunch I also met several very nice ladies; Delilah Marvelle, and Shaunta Grimes.
And then... dundundun!!! Workshops! The first one we went to was "Hot Vampires, Demon Slayers, and Enchantresses: the Many Flavors of Fantasy" presented by Pati Nagle and Mary Jo Putney. They were very informative about the genre differences in paranormal romances etc...

The second workshop we went to was "All Kinds of Alphas: the A to Z of Alpha Heroes from Two Writers Who Always Write Them" presented by Monica McCarty and Bella Andre. All I have to say about this workshop was HOT.

Lastly for today we went to "How to Live in Another Century or Just Sound Like You Did" presented by Lauren Willig. It was interesting.

After that we had dinner and went back to the hotel to relax. However, it's a busy day tomorrow so I should get my sleep!


  1. Heyyy you, long time no talk. I hope you're having tons o' fun in the US of A.

    By the by, I like your blog ...outline? Uh...setup? Um...I like your blog? I don't know what to call it. But it looks all fancy and lovely.


  2. Sounds like you're having a fabulous time in DC. It's so cool that you got to meet Monica McCarty and Delilah Marvelle. Wish I could have been there with you! :)

  3. Meg- I know, it's been a lonnnng time. And yes, I'm having a ton of fun in Washington. And template =P Thank you love.

    Jennifer- One day you'll get to meet them too! Both of them are so nice.


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