Saturday, July 11

New Do... Kinda

Okay, so I forgot to post whether or not I survived the hair salon yesterday. I'm sure you were all panicking about my welfare, LOL. Anyway, clearly I survived. The salon was pretty empty yesterday (holiday season) so I was relatively safe. I also sidetracked her by talking about RWA.

I just took the above picture so that you can see my new short hair. And yes, this is short for me. Michelle took about 5 inches off. I tend to like my hair longer then this, but I wanted it to look really good for the conference. Plus if I want to curl my hair in DC it'll be much quicker!

Different angle

Alright, so along with the new hair yesterday, mum and I went to get our nails done earlier today.

My pedicure. Emerald green polish with pretty flowers.

My manicure. It's also green but more of a moss colour.

That's all I have to post for right now. I will take pictures of my mum's pedicure and manicure and post them later. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday!


  1. Ohhhhhhhh damn Natty you are looking FINE. LOVVVVE the hair! And beautiful mani/pedi! I just got my nails done too, but just a french manicure so nothing too exciting. <3

  2. I approve my dear, very very attractive and you are beautiful, as always :)

    I love you! :)

  3. Aww thank you court! I like french manicures but they never last for me =(

    Thank you love =]
    I love you too!


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