Tuesday, July 28

RWA Already Worth It

RWA is already worth the 120 dollars I paid this morning. I cannot wait until I can use some of the information they provide.They give you a very thorough list of Agents who are accepting queries etc... and how to contact them. That's the info that's popping out the most to me. I'm not going to try sending in my manuscript to a publishing house without an agent... at least, not yet. Besides, most publishing houses don't accept unsolicited work- I know for a fact that the two publishing houses I'd like to publish with don't. So there's my reasoning. Plus, I'd much rather have an agent to represent me and do some of the tricky business stuff.

The July RWR edition was so interesting and I only glanced at it! It answered some of the remaining questions I had... including the whole website thing. Yay!

So tonight I believe I'm going to head into the city to buy Delilah Marvelle's second book Lord of Pleasure, and hopefully buy a few copies of her first book Mistress of Pleasure to send to her. Apparently Mistress is impossible to find anywhere in the USA.

Ah well, but I have a few hours yet before I go, so I'm going to keep writing.


  1. I can hardly wait to read LORD OF PLEASURE by Delilah Marvelle! I loved her debut book. With any luck she'll get a new book contract and continue the series. That's my wish, anyway.

  2. Ahh I LORD OF PLEASURE in my hands!! I'm so excited to read it! But I need to write like 500 more words before I'll let myself!!
    I'm probably going to read the whole thing tonight :$
    And I'm sure another publisher will pick up her series. They'd be fools not to I think. She has fabulous sales and her stories are amazing.

  3. I've never heard of her, but if they're hard to get in the US, it's not surprising. The titles sound interesting, though, so I might have to do some hard target searching for them online. Heh. Like my TBR pile needs to get any higher. ;o)

  4. Oh I know what you mean. My TBR pile is getting out of hand. But I'd definitely check out her books. The first was really good.

    And sadly I didn't start the second book yesterday. I got too caught up in my own story and then by the time I was done I was half asleep. Today, though!


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