Thursday, July 23

Thinking of Getting a Website...

So I'm thinking of getting myself a website. I know I talked about it before, but the thought quickly left my mind when no one really seemed enthusiastic about it. However, at the conference they suggest you buy your domain name ( etc... quickly because someone else could very well snatch it up before you. Which has, funny enough, happened to me. and .net are both already taken (yay for me). But there are still a few other options that I'm willing to try. The problem is, I need a Host first before I can buy the name. There are Hosts like BUUUUT, I don't know which to pick.

Any suggestions?


  1. Wellllll as far as host sites, I dunno. But for a name?


    pretty sure no one has that lol

  2. Hmm I dunno about any host sites, but you should definitely get a website, I'd check it out!


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