Monday, July 13

Washington Here I Come!

In just a few hours my lovely Mum and I will be flying to Washington DC for the Romance Writers of America National Conference! Ahh so exciting! I spent today packing and printing out the workshop handouts. Man oh man that took longer than I thought... of course most of the time was spent looking AT said handouts rather than getting them all ready to go. Most of the workshops look amazing but unfortunately I don't have a time turner like Hermione does in Harry Potter, or else I'd be going to all of the workshops! Yes I know I just stamped NERD in bright red on my forehead. But I can't help it, I grew up reading the HP books!

Anyway, since I can't go to all of them I'll be going to the ones that focus on Agents/ Queries and the historical romance genre. I'm also going to a few just because of who is talking at them AKA Monica McCarty is doing one with a few of her pals about alpha males (yum!) and Julia Quinn is doing one... I honestly don't know what it's about. I think it's regarding Avon stuff, LOL. But I love Julia so I'll be going regardless!

Alright well I should finish up getting ready. I'll have my laptop with me in DC so I'll hopefully update as I go!!


  1. Oh wow, Nattie that sounds so fun! I hope you enjoy all the workshops and I can't wait to hear all about them!

    And no worries, you're never a nerd for liking Harry Potter! :)

  2. I can't wait to hear all about your trip, especially the workshop with Monica McCarty!


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