Thursday, July 30

What Type of Writer Are You?

So what type of writer are you? It was a big question at the conference, so I'm curious to see what everyone says! I know some of you are sitting there saying that you don't write... but you do. Everyone has had to write an essay of some sort in their life! So just answer as many of the questions as you can!

Do you plot a story or just go with it? A bit of both actually. I think for my next story I'll plot more than I did for this one.

How/where do you find your character's names? Baby name books, online and the Webster English Dictionary of English Surnames

What type of music do you listen to, if you do? Classical. I also listen to some Celtic, but it tends to distract me if I can understand what they are saying.

Where's your favourite spot to write? Snug in my bed

What's your "setup" for writing? Does everything need to be clean etc... I used to have to have everything clean, but I've soon learned that if that was the case, I'd never get to write. However, my room must be clean for me to write or else I'll get distracted by the clutter. When I'm in school I have to have all my homework done for the night before I can start or else I feel guilty, LOL.

Morning, day or night writer? Night writer ;) dangerous sounding isn't it?

What do you drink when you're writing? Water and sprite generally. Non-stain drinks.

Do you eat anything while writing? I really like eating goldfish crackers, but that's not very healthy, so I'm going to try some other things.

Do you write on the computer, paper or alphasmart? Computer! I am of the technology generation, LOL. I sometimes do some plot jots on paper, or if my computer isn't nearby (hah, yeah like that happens, LOL). At night before I go to sleep I'll write notes, not that they are ever legible come morning.

What sorts of things inspire you? Music. Definitely music. Um, the weather too. I love grey, stormy days. Rain is always fantastic to write to. I really love paintings too. I have a Monet calendar, and I often find myself staring at the pictures as I think.

How many hours do you normally get to write? Uhhm, depends on the day, but since I write at night I can get 3-4 hours. I'm generally on msn at the same time so I know that slows me down, but I can't seem to help it.

What's your goal? I want to be published! Specifically by Avon, Ballantine or St. Martin's. Nothing against other publishing houses, those are just the ones I've always dreamed of signing to!

There you have it. If you guys can think of any questions you'd like to ask me (or everyone) just let me know!!


  1. Fun questions!

    I'm a panster. I plot a little and brainstorm a lot, then start writing.

    I find my character names in a character naming book I bought a few years ago.

    I listen to movie soundtracks while I write. My favorite is THE MISSION.

    I write at my computer desk in my spare bedroom. And sometimes I write on my work computer during my lunch break.

    I'm not picky about my surroundings when I write.

    I'm a night writer too! But only on the weekends. It's the time I like the best. During the work week, I write very early in the morning or on my lunch break. I've become more productive during those times because I have to be to get anywhere on my WIP.

    I drink Diet Coke and chew sugarless gum while I write.

    I write on my laptop using writing software.

    Books and music inspire me to write.

    On good days I write for 2 hours and try not to stress out because I don't have enough time to write more.

    I want to be published, of course! My short term goals are to 1)finish one of my WIPS next year and 2)enter contests.

  2. Ahh fun answers! I love hearing about other people's writing lives. I'm not sure why!

    And I'm a gum chewer too. Spearmint gum for moi.

    I'm sorry you don't get more time to write. Just hang in there! One day you'll be published and can write all day! And get PAID for it =D

    Those are great goals!! I'd like to enter contests too but I'm a little nervous about them. I think I'll try one or two once my WIP is done.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement! I just wrote 4 pages....Whoo-hoo!

    It would be SO cool if we were both at the RWA conference one day as published authors. :)

    I'm a bit nervous, too, about entering contests. But author Kimberly Killion encouraged me in an e-mail to enter contests. She said it provides great feedback and helps you grow a thick skin...which is something writers really need.

  4. Ahh good job!! =D

    Yes it would!! Are you thinking of going next year? I'd recommend it! It was amazing! I'm completely hooked!

    That is very true! I think I'll just be picky about which ones I enter.


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