Thursday, July 23

Who Is This?

Who is this bombshell?
Do you know?
If you don’t, you’re not alone. Trust me.

Any guesses?

The subject of her mysterious identity is a popular topic of late, especially in Washington. Ahh, I have given you all a hint.
Ooo, I have added another character to the plot. Know yet?

I suppose I've made you all wallow in your own curiosity long enough. She is my darling Mum, Lynne. Yes, yes I know, she looks far too young. But trust me, it's true. She just turned 39.
See, I'll prove it to you. That's me at 2. She's 21.
Still have your doubts?
If you had no idea, you aren't the only one. I have never met a person who thought we were mother-daughter. In fact, at my appointment tuesday, the dermatologist swore we were sisters. Big compliment coming from a skin doctor.


  1. Welllll so you know, I think you do look like mother and daughter, but I think you guys look scary alike lol. Not all the time, but in some pictures and stuff it's hard to tell the difference lol.

  2. lmao you also met her right from the get go as my Mum. There was no guessing there for you =P

    Plus, you're my roomie so you get to see me 24/7 (arent you lucky? -beams-) so you'd be used to the subtle face movements etc that I share with ma Mum.

  3. Aw your mom is adorable! Almost as adorable as you haha. But wow I can't believe how young she is! My mom is usually the youngest mom out of my friends, she's 42, and no one ever believes that she has an 18 year old daughter. But I loved these pics, you guys are so cute! :)

  4. Cute pictures! Your mom looks like she could be your sister.

  5. Court- Haha thanks =P Yeah she's pretty young. She had me when she was 19. No one believes she has a daughter in college.

    Jenn- Aw thanks! And yes, that's generally what we get. People can tell we're related but can't figure out how.

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