Thursday, July 2

Who Would You...

If you could pick any 10 people to have dinner with, who would they be? They must be alive and they can't be family or friends etc...

My list would be...
(not in order)
  1. Queen Elizabeth II
  2. Lieutenant-General Roméo A. Dallaire
  3. Dalai Lama
  4. Rick Mercer
  5. J.K. Rowling
  6. Ellen Degeneres
  7. Enya
  8. Nelson Mandela
  9. Tom Hanks
  10. Morgan Freeman
  11. Will Smith

I know I have 11 choices but I couldn't get rid of one. Oops!

What would your choices be??


  1. Hmm...well when I first started reading I was like "NATALIE!" and then it proceeded to say "no friends or family" lol. Sooo ruined that idea.

    1. George Strombolopolous
    2. Dane Cook
    3. Kim Cattral
    4. Debra DiGiovanni
    5. Michael J. Fox
    6. Martin Luther King JR. (Yesss I know he's not alive, pretend he is.)
    7. Will Smith (Yesss I know you had him too, but I love the man lol)
    8. Caesar Millan
    9. Drew Barrymore
    10. Jesse James

    (And they're not in order =) )

  2. LOL yeah I did that so people wouldn't be like "my mum, my dad, you, etc..."

    And you can have the same people I did lmao, they can go to more than one dinner!

  3. Lol you never know, they could be on a very tight schedule, and can only have one dinner with some random person lol.

  4. I always have so much trouble with this questions because the answers seriously change every single day! I do like your list, though.

  5. Caryn I know exactly what you mean! I asked my mum this and she came up with even more people that I would add to my list!


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