Friday, August 28

10 for 10

What ten things would you do if you won ten million dollars?
(And yes, it's tax free... Just go with it)
  1. Take care of my close family and friends. By that I mean my parents would never have to work another day in their life and can live comfortably without worrying about money. For some of my friends I would try and help them pay off parts of their student loans, or I would put money aside in a college account for their children.
  2. Buy a nice big house with a pool in the backyard & furnish that baby up.
  3. Donate money to specific charities.
  4. Buy a nice family cottage in Scotland.
  5. Travel the world! I want to go to so many places!
  6. Set up a college bank account for my own children and leave it to grow interest.
  7. Put aside a bunch for the future and let it grow.
  8. Stock up my movie and book collection -grins-
  9. Buy a car... or three.
  10. RULE THE WORLD....

Okay, maybe not the last one, I think Bill Gates and perhaps China would give me a run for my money (hah, get it?) I just couldn't think of a last thing. Anyway, I'm sure I forgot something important but as of right now, that's what my brain came up with.

So what would be your ten?


  1. 1.put aside 1 million for school (just in case)
    2.give my family each a portion an apartment close to the university
    4.fix my car up and pimp it out (thats a lie i would probably just give it a paint job)
    5.quit my job :p
    6.Buy all of my friends a really nice gift
    7.donate to ovarian and breast cancer society to russia, mexico, and germany
    9.invest a bunch so my family wouldn't have to worry about money
    10. buy a cat (munchkin or a scottish fold)

    i dream big eh

  2. I found this actually really interesting because I had a really hard time figuring out what I would do.

    1) Buy my mom a house she loves, that she owns, along with a maid so she wouldn't have to worry about cleaning. I'd also pay the taxes for the house so she didn't have to worry about that either. I'd make it so she could live comfortably and not have to worry about it anymore.

    2) Put away 100,000 for both me and my sister for school.

    3) Buy a house in Newfoundland for my dad so he could go and visit (and have somewhere to live) whenever he wanted (and I'd pay for the plane tickets).

    4) Give all my friends and their families something really special.

    5) Buy my grandparents a condo and pay for anything they need so they don't have to worry about anything.

    6) Travel the US with my mom and sister.

    7) Donate to the Humane Society, and a couple other charities.

    8) Tour Europe with a friend or my mom.

    9) Pay for a hotel/plane/anything else for my relatives in Newfoundland and Ontario so me, my mom, my sister, and my dad can see everybody for once.

    10) Save the rest of the money to use for personal things - food, clothes, makeup, furniture, and anything else. Just put it my bank account.

    I realize that some of these contain more than one thing in them haha, but I grouped them together.

    ... And now I really wish I had 10 million dollars =(

  3. Bailey- lol oh yes, HUGE. Do you understand how much 10 million is there missy? Aside from the first one on your list you could probably do the others all together for 1 million.

    Meg- That's alright, some of mine were thrown together as well.


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