Wednesday, August 12

Been A Few Days

Huh. It's been a few days since I posted on here last. Ah well, I've been preoccupied. I hope everyones week has been good so far =]

Alright, down to business. Okay so J.R. Ward's books are fantastic. Sighs. I started her series Sunday and have read the first three. You do the math, LOL. I can't read the fourth yet because my Mum's reading it! Normally I wouldn't have whipped through them that quickly but I've been feeling pretty yucky recently. So I had time on my hands, LOL. Anyway, I suggest reading them. I really do.

Okay on to other news. I'm going to get back to writing now. I still feel sick but hopefully I can still work a little. Unfortunately headaches and stomach pains aren't helpful when you're trying to focus - especially on a computer screen.
But I shall try my hardest.

Have you read any good books / series recently??


  1. Hmm I may have to check those out. Yeah I'm reading a good one idk if you've heard of it...Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows? lol. I know I just re-read the entire series, but I have nothing new to read so I figured since I've only read it three times, I might as well read it a fourth time haha.

    Have you ever read The Tea Rose by Jennifer Donnelly? It's set in the 1880s in London and it's reallyyy good. I'd explain better, but you should just look it up and read about it. Easier and more descriptive haha. :)

  2. Yeah you should. They are good. Haha nope, never heard of that completely AMAZING, LIFE CHANGING SERIES. Nope. Never.

    I can't reread the whole series. Not yet at least. Maybe when the first half of the 7th comes out. I get too emotional, both with who dies, and the fact that its over! I mean, I read those books from I think grade 4 + I've read 1-5 a BILLION times though, lol. I've read 6 twice. 7th once. lol.

    No I haven't. I'll go check it out now.


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