Saturday, August 22

Chinese Noodle Soup & The Big Bang Theory

What more could you ask for?

Well, a lot actually, but we won't go into that.

So tonight is my third, and hopefully final night, alone in my house. I know I haven't mentioned it before, but my parents went to Jasper for the weekend to celebrate their anniversary, leaving me at home with the pets. Which was fine.

Did you catch the past tense there? No? Let me give you another chance: "Which was fine." Catch the was in there?

Apparently I am not as solitary a creature as I originally believed. Yes, I need to have my alone time (ie., reading, writing, etc...) the end of the day I know there's someone home. Even when I'm living in residence.

But since Thursday afternoon it's just been me, the dog, the cat and a bunch of fish. It's extremely lonely, especially when the cat can only be bothered to make her presence known when she wishes to be fed. And the dog? Well, she just sleeps. So it's just me and my fish Gawain who swims around looking handsome. The other fish are outside in the pond, so they really couldn't care less.

Anyway, I digress. I'm lonely. I tried writing but I am still stuck - and since yesterday's post and every one's suggestions/hugs I've decided to cool it until maybe Monday or Tuesday. Until then I'm going to do some character building exercises and some other things that will be helpful to both me and my story.

I also tried to read, but that failed horribly. My imagination is too active. Every little creak in my house (which by the way, is a whopping 98 years old) made me jump.

And yes, I have been home alone before. Quite a lot actually. And normally I'm fine with it. But I think this time around I just really miss social interactions of the face-to-face kind.

My poor parents. The second they get home I will be stuck to them like glue wanting to talk about everything. Lucky them.

Anyway, with nothing to do all day, I found that it feels like I'm eating all the time. However, at the end of the day when I look back at what I've consumed, it makes no sense. I'm not eating more than normal. Perhaps it just feels like I'm eating a lot because my mind is not occupied with other things.


So what were you up to today?

*For the record, The Big Bang Theory that I am speaking off in my title, is not the scientific theory about how the universe began, but in fact the best show on the planet. If you have not seen it, what are you waiting for?

Okay, I feel like I must correct the above statement. Though the show is currently my favourite, I should not be so bold as to state that it is the best show on the planet. However, it is certainly in my top 5. If you'd like to hear my list of favourite shows, feel free to ask. I've nothing better to do then to assuage your curiosity. No sarcasm intended.*


  1. Wow, a 98 y/o house?! That's stunning @__@;; I thought a 20 y/o house was old.

    Favorite shows? List away~ I recently became obsessed with BBC's 'Being Human.' Awesome show, if you're into vamps and werewolves and stuff :D

    But yeah, even though I like being alone, I like being alone with someone else in the next room or sitting on the couch with me, even if we don't talk for hours or anything.

  2. Haha yep, 98 (might be 99, or 100. I always forget when it was built. I'd have to ask Mum, but alas, as the post said, she's in the mountains).

    Umm okay pokay. Heroes, The Tudors, The Big Bang Theory, Corner Gas, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, What Not To Wear, Friends (I have to, I like the show, LOL). Hm, what else. So You Think You Can Dance Canada (sooo much better than the USA version).

    There are probably a few more, but that's all that's coming to mind right now. To be honest, I generally don't watch the shows on TV. I just wait until it comes out on DVD.

  3. Sorry to hear you're feeling lonely. Thank goodness for the internet, but it doesn't really help when you need a human presence.

    My favorite shows are: NCIS, Criminal Minds, Top Chef, Chopped, Diners Drive-ins and Dives, Biggest Loser, Bones, House... Can you tell I watch too much TV?

  4. Haha you do watch a lot! I like House, I'll watch it sometimes if I catch it. I've also seen the Drive-in's and Dives show at my boyfriends- it's pretty good! Made me hungry though.

  5. House was built in 1910 (we think), so 99 right now! And thanks again for the "alone time" with Dad!! Love you, kisses, Mumsie


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