Sunday, August 9


Alright, so sit back as I tell you my tale of woe.

Here I was sitting all comfy-cozy on my bed, with my fan on, blue fuzzy socks snug on my feet and my laptop hot on my lap when BAM Facebook got me. Like my bed after an exam, it snuck up and captured my entire attention, diverting my focus away from my story and instead on random peoples pictures.

I tell you, it's a silent but extremely deadly killer. Deadly I say. At least... it is to whatever you were doing before said Facebook attack.

It starts slowly enough, almost innocently. You get an email informing you that someone has written on your wall. Curious (and let's face it, excited), you click on the link and BAM there goes an hour. It's like a toll booth.

Facebook tapped their chin thoughtfully. "Oh, I see...So you'd like to find out what was written on your wall? Hmm. Well, that'll be an hour of your time please. Thank you very much."

Alright, I may POSSIBLY require sleep. Shrugs. Either that or I've finally gotten comfortable writing my thoughts online for the world to see. Huh. Sadly it's probably the latter. Lucky you!

Anyway, I will get back to writing very shortly. I promise. No, really I do. I'll even come back and update you all on how much I managed to write this week! Yay!

*Drum roll please*

The past week I not only met my quota of 10695 words but I surpassed it. I wrote 13 065. Woohoo! Hopefully I can keep up this momentum! It's just rollin' and I'm LOVING it!

I hope everyone else is doing well!


  1. Oh my goodness. I am not sure if the rest of the world is ready for "the inner thoughts". really. We are a special breed - they might only be able to handle small doses...

  2. I'm still not getting the Facebook thing, but... and I shudder to say this... maybe I'm too old. Ack.

    Way to go on the wordcount! You're burning up the keys. I got about 3K out this weekend, which is pretty good for me, so I'm pleased. =o)

  3. Mum- Lmao. You may be right. Shrugs.

    B.E.- Thanks! I love it when it just flows! Good job with the 3K!! Sadly weekends are not when I get the most writing done, LOL.


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