Monday, August 17

How To Ditch Creepy Twitter Followers...

The other day I got an email informing me that this guy... who from this point on shall be referred to as Creepster... was now following me on Twitter.

I was alright with it...even though Creepster's name was rather...well, creepy. That is, until I got a personal message that was overly flirtatious and more than a little suggestive. I won't go into details (especially because I deleted it and can't recall) but he ended it with "Is writing all you do for fun?" With several winks and spelling mistakes thrown in.

To which I responded "No, of course not. I read as well."

Funny enough, he's no longer following me.


  1. LOL, that'll teach him to try and pick up chicks on Twitter. Glad you got rid of him so easy. Cyber stalkers aren't fun.

  2. Yeah I know! I'm just happy he's gone.


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