Sunday, August 2

Greasy Pancakes, Horse Poop & Fire Trucks

Okay so I'm just about ready to start writing. Ugh. Yes I know it's a little late to start but it's honestly the first time all day that I've been able to. Once everyone left at about 4:30pm I went upstairs and promptly passed out until 8pm. Then my parents and I talked about the whole day and had left overs while watching The Big Bang Theory, which by the way, is an amazing show.

My day was... alright. Well, alright sounds a bit too promising. Okay? Okay is better.

6:30 am sucked. I made the mistake of having an 8am class my first semester of college and let me tell you, the only reason I got an A+ in it was because it was interesting, NOT because I attended every class. On a side note, we actually do have A+ in Canada. In English and History it is 98-100%

Anyway, so after that first semester I try very hard to not get up that early. Flights or weddings etc... are different, but to go to a crappy pancake breakfast with static-y country music does not count as a good reason. And let's face it, who wants to experience all of the above, with family (my parents being the exception)?

Then it's time for the parade. Now, I do actually like parades. I like seeing the floats and the cute little kids all dressed up and all of the bands and the horses. However, it's not as much fun seeing everything when you sit with people who complain incessantly about every little thing (once again, parents are excluded from this... are you sensing I get along with my parents? It's a grand thing =)

But back to the story at hand... YES horse poop smells bad, but we live in the country for Pete's sake. All around us is farmland, with horses, who happen to poop. And then the sirens on the fire truck. Lord, I thought (name will go unmentioned) was going to kill us all with complaints. I happen to also like firetrucks (my father used to be a firefighter) so hearing all the sirens and seeing the firefighters all geared up is really neat.

Oh, and then the fact that I was perfectly comfortable sitting on the grass along the side of the road instead of a chair -gasps- how unconventional of a 19 year old to be so thoughtful of the people sitting behind her -rolling eyes- Here are some of the reasons why I unintentionally evoked the wrath of a certain person. 1) My dog daisy is 14 years old, and though she's still doing great, we like to watch out for her more, and since we brought her to the parade with us with lots of animals and children, I thought it would be good if I sat with her. 2) There were people sitting behind me (family) so I thought that it would be nice if they could see the parade too. 3) I LIKE sitting on the ground. I like sitting cross legged -shrugs-

And for the record, it's not like it was far to carry chairs to the parade site. It's literally at the end of our street 4 houses down.

I think the only reason I made it through the whole thing without having my right eye twitch was the cute little girl and her father sitting next to me. Bright blue eyes and the sort of white wispy angel hair that just makes you sigh in content. She was absolutely adorable.

Now, at the town parade the kids come prepared with giant plastic bags in hand. Why you ask? Because the kids get candy. Lots and lots of candy. If your float does not throw candy, your float is not successful, nor will it garner any attention other than glares of pure evil from the awaiting children. Hence the handfuls of candy the children get. Hence the bags.
Well, this little girl (Allison) was so cute running out and grabbing the candy. Half way through the parade she was much more interested in eating the candy she had already grabbed, but it was fun to see.

Anyway, the BBQ went okay. It was quite hot today, reaching over 30 Celsius. But yes, I suppose I've complained (and procrastinated) enough. I should get on to writing. I hope everyone had a good day today =]


I didn't meet quota for this week -sighs- I am 1500 words off, which isn't too bad considering I didn't write Friday and I got a late start today. I'll just have to write 2700 ish tomorrow to make up for it. Hopefully I can do that. We might be going to see The Ugly Truth, but I don't know what day. So if we go tomorrow I probably won't meet quota, but if we go Monday I will.


  1. I've only caught The Big Bang Theory a couple times, but I love that show. =o)

    What was supposedly wrong with sitting on the ground? I'd do it more often, but we have these horrible weeds called goatheads. They're everywhere around here, and their seeds look like medieval torture devices. It's bad enough getting one stuck in your foot. I don't want one in my posterior.

    Congrats on getting any words out after a busy day like that.

  2. Wow, sounds like quite the day! I completely understand the whole family thing driving you crazy, except for your parents. My family is exactly the same way! You love them to death, but actually spending extended amounts of time with them? Not always fun haha.

    And I saw The Ugly Truth last night! It was SOO cute and funny!! And Gerard Butler was HOTTT. :)

  3. I do too! I bought the first season on DVD about a week ago and I just love it. Every episode is good. And I'm not sure why sitting on the ground became a problem, but it did.

    LOL exactly Court. They drive me insane. Ooo cool! I still haven't seen it -sighs- I don't know if we are going today or not.


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