Friday, August 7

Let's Talk About Sex

So I'm sitting here taking a break from writing to munch on some popcorn and think about sex. Yep, that's right, you heard me correctly. Sex.

Get your head out of the gutter people, I don't mean it that way... Well, not entirely at least. I'm talking about sex in romance novels. It was a huge topic in Washington and I can easily see why. We've all read that novel where you reach the all important Scene and you're left saying "What the Hell was that?" It can turn you off the entire novel if it isn't done well.

Personally I love H-O-T novels that get you all flustered. Some of the authors that I think do this best are Kresley Cole, Gaelan Foley, Delilah Marvelle, Karen Marie Moning, Monica McCarty, Bella Andre... the list could really go on for a really long time, so I'll stop myself there. You get the picture.

But on the flip side of this, I also like Julia Quinn's books, which have very little detail (in comparison to the above authors).

Well, while editing a friends story earlier today I stumbled (okay, okay, I flipped some pages ahead out of plain curiosity) and found a sex scene. It was quite like Quinn's. Very little detail etc... Which is fine, she did it well. But it just made me realize how different my own writing is. I write pretty graphically, in everything I write. Shrugs. Just how I do it.

My rule, which also tends to be the general consensus, is that if you don't feel comfortable writing it. Don't. Because if you force yourself your readers will know. Trust me. We always do.

So what are your opinions on sex in romance novels? How much heat do you put in your own stories?


  1. I usually flip past the sex scenes in books. Not that I'm a prude, I'm just not interested in reading about other people's escapades any more. Having said that, Karin Tabke and Allison Brennan write some wicked-hot scenes in their books, too.

    I don't mind a good hot scene if it flows with the story. What I hate is when it seems like the author stuffed the sex in because they thought they had to.

    Personally I've never written a sex scene. The closest I got was when the hero and heroine were in the same hotel room, but they were too focused on the case at first, and then they were both too tired.

  2. No that's completely understanable. I've done that for a few books if the authors are just throwing them in randomly. I think what makes a scene hot or good are how the characters interact in the scene, not really how graphic you get.

  3. Ahh sex scenes. Wonderful huh? I tend to read them, whether or not they're good. You know the ones that are like "and he put his throbbing member near her secret place" and it's like oh shut up. Secret place? Member? Seriously? Nah, just can't stand that. I mean, you don't have to write like you're writing for a porno, but I think you have to consider your audience and whether or not you would enjoy reading what you wrote.

    As far as being comfortable, that's something I have a problem with. Because I can write it, and it probably wouldn't sound too bad, but my problem is that I don't want people reading it. I feel uncomfortable about that. And I'm not sure how to get past that.

  4. Yeah. I've read books where they called it his "man-root" and her "honey pot." Seriously? I mean, I don't use those words... nor do I say "throbbing member" unless I'm making fun of something, LOL.

    I understand what you mean. This is going to sound odd, but the first person to read one of my scenes was my Mum. I don't know why it made it easier to show other people, but it did. I think it's because I trusted her opinion and I knew she'd be hoenst about it.

    If you need help Megs, I can let you read my two (that I've currently written) and then you can give me yours to read? So that at least you feel like you have ammo against me? LOL!

  5. Lol wow, honey pot. That' Haha

    Hmm well I dunnooo. What if I read yours and then it turns out mine is like 20 times dirtier!? Haha. I'm just afraid of people reading it and thinking "that's what's going through her mind...?"

  6. LMFAO Megan dear, I don't think that will be a problem. TRUST ME! You might look at mine and think the same thing.

  7. Lol wellll...perhaps. Perhaps I will show you. Would it matter what kind of "scene?" Because as far as storylines go, I wouldn't want you to judge one differently than the other because it was all romantic and special and the other was not so much, you know?


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