Tuesday, August 18


Peek-a-boo! I see you!
Though, I don't think your intention was to hide...
My "helper" hard at work staring at me.
She's quite distracting actually, especially when she nudges the laptop
with her nose. Or flops onto her back demanding a belly rub.

Apparently staring at me while I work has become a favourite pastime of
the animals in my house. Unfortunately, the picture of my cat sprawled across
the keyboard later the same night is too blurry to share with you.

Clearly she believed she deserved more attention than my history textbook.
I'm not sure my history professor would agree.
Nor my parents.

It's a wonder I get anything done at all...


  1. AWWW they're all adorable even if they are trying to distract you from your work! And one of my cats loveees to lay on my keyboard when I'm trying to work as well. Horribly annoying, but just SO ADORABLE. :)

  2. What cuties! My own kitty likes to stand next to me and pat at my leg while I'm trying to work. And when that doesn't get any attention out of me, she nibbles on my ankles.

  3. Court- Haha I know, and sadly, they do too. It gets worse in cold weather because they both want to snuggle more. At least when I'm in college they are at home bugging my parents instead. It means I get at least SOME work done (the flipside of this is that I miss them then)!

    B.E.- lol! That would be extremely hard to ignore!!! How on earth do you do it?!

    Jenn- Yep! And they know it, LOL!


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