Friday, August 14


Ah hah! It is in the 9am's still! True it is closer to 10 but trust me, you REALLY didn't want me writing a post when I woke up.

Anywho, I'm currently waiting for an email to arrive. To be more specific, my college email telling me who I get to live with for the next eight months. Yipee! I got an email notification a few weeks back saying that I'd get an email before August 15th telling me who. Well guys, that's tomorrow so I guess that leaves today to be finding out, LOL.

Unlike the States (and even some of the big-lick colleges here) my college does NOT have the long hallway of rooms where you cram two people into one room. Nope. My residence is grand and splendid. I live in an apartment. I have three roommates and we each get our own room. We have a big living room with a TV, a big kitchen and two bathrooms. (I'll take pictures in September).
Now, after two years of living in residence, I'm honestly not that worried about who I'll end up living with. My only concern is that I don't end up with some of the people I ended up in the past two years (except you Megan, you're amazing). Let me give you a small overview of my roommate experiences. And then after, you can pat me on the back and grant me Sainthood.
I've had two of the extreme party-types who showed me that apparently yes, you can drink an entire litre of vodka by yourself in under half an hour and still stand to go out drinking some more. Not only that, but you can do it every night. Not that I ever wanted to know. I've had the crazy roommate who threw forks and big TV remotes for fun and refused to bathe. I've had the amusing but mildly disturbing hippy-type that tried to smoke pot in her rooms (really? you thought you could get away with that?) I've had the truly insane who lived like a hermit and only ate microwave popcorn and Captain Crunch and refused to enter a public area without the biggest headphones EVER clapped on her ears. Oh, and she liked to leave said food in a trail back to her room. I've also had the giggle twins who in comparison to everyone else, were quite fabulous. Then, last but not least. I've had the sweethearts. You two know who you are.

Now, you must be wondering, how many roommates have I had over the past two years? Far too many. In my first year there were just three of us. In my second year I had six. So yep, nine roommates in two years. I swear I wasn't killing them off, LOL. Most of them dropped out of school actually. Since I know you were wondering.

By the way, if I told you all of the stuff they've pulled when we lived together... But I won't. Because truly, they did some nasty things and I really don't feel like chatting about them on my blog, LOL.

Anyway, so today I should be finding out my fate. I'll let you all know when I do.
*I got the email! Finally. I didn't really think about how close school was until I realized I didn't know who I was living with yet. I keep having packing dreams. Yeah, fun right? Not.
So, move in is September 6th, and first day is the 10th- which by the way, makes no sense to me. Yeah, let's start school on a Thursday. Thankfully, I don't have school on Friday's... so I only go for one day that first week. Muah hahaha!
Okay back to business. Megan is my roomie again... YAY!!!!!!!!! I knew Megs in high school (she was a year younger than me). So when she went to college last year I asked her to be my roommate. Best decision EVER. I love living with her... even when she decides to sing "Yellow Submarine" over and over and over again until you want to find some duct tape.
ANYWAY, I emailed the other two... so we'll see about that.*


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  2. Ugh, I had a couple nasty roommates when I was in college. Of course, back then I was kinda mousy and I just let them walk all over me. Looking back, I should've kicked the basketball chick in the shins and woken the party girl up at 5am every morning. I'm glad you got one you really like, and I hope the other two are awesome.

  3. Yeah, it was tough that first year. I didn't like anyone I lived with and couldn't do much about it. I don't like confrontations, but if I have to I will, but I found it just made everything that much worse.

    Then last year I went through a billion roommates but I had megan through out the whole thing so that was good. I hope this years are good too, but I still haven't heard back from any of them =|

  4. Okayyy so you kinda maybe made me blush, that was really nice of you. And the Yellow Submarine was me being overtired haha. But you at least laughed a little bit, right? =P I'm so excited to live with you again. I've honestly never found someone I get along with so well <3 There, now I've gone all cheesy, so this is where this comment ends haha.


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