Sunday, August 16

They Should Have A Warning

So today my family and I went to see a movie. We decided to see District 9 because it looked neat and it's a film by Peter Jackson and we are devout Jackson fans.

I wish I could give you an overview of the movie and tell you whether or not I liked it, but unfortunately... I can't. You see, I can't stand movies that have shaky camera work. In fact, I can't stand it so much I go into a dizzy-state where the slightest move could make me throw up.

Well, this movie's camera work was so atrocious I blacked out in my seat from being dizzy. I can tell you what happened in the first ten minutes, but after that... nadda. I can't even tell you what was said in the movie because I was so focused on trying to calm my senses down that it went by in a blur. Not to mention the whole blacking out bit.

Now, why didn't I simply leave the movie theatre? I would have if I'd been able. You see, we were seated in the middle of a row and my dizziness was such that I couldn't leave without an extreme amount of help. And since the movie was still playing, I didn't want to ruin it for everyone else.

Anyway, my Dad liked it though. Lots of gore apparently.

This isn't the first time it's happened and it probably won't be the last. Children of Men was so shaky I had to "watch" the entire film by listening to it; Cloverfield and one of the Laura Croft movies (where it starts by moving over the water) made me so sick I had to leave.

Personally, I think they should put warnings on movies with shaky camera work for people like me.

In other news... I found out that when I blocked my IP address from counting on my statcounter, that it also blocked my Dad's computer and my Mum's laptop, LOL. So I know it's not my parents boosting up my blog numbers ;) !

I really want to write today but unfortunately my head still aches and I'm exhausted from the strain. This afternoon was supposed to be relaxing; instead, I'm wound even tighter than I was before. Sighs. At least I got about 1000 written late last night after Mum helped me work through a huge issue I was having with a scene. I just couldn't get it to work. So that, combined with my headaches this past week messed up quota BIG time, but hopefully I'll be able to make it up next week.


  1. Sorry you couldn't watch the movie and thanks for the warning. I'll be sure to skip that film - both for the shaky camera work and the gore. I don't do theatres anymore (long story), but I don't like to watch that stuff on TV either.

    Feel better soon.

  2. Man, that sucks! I don't like shaky camera work either. Doesn't make me sick, but I just feel like I can't see the movie properly, it's just plain annoying.

  3. Thank you! My head still aches a little today so I'm going to try and take it easy.


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