Wednesday, August 26

Venting Over Book

Sometimes I really wish I would go against my own advice and spend an entire blog post shredding a novel and author to pieces. It is so tempting. It really is.

I suppose I should explain. Last night I convinced my Mum to go into the city with me to Chapters to pick up a bunch of books. Well, I picked up a book from a new author I had heard of in Washington. Now, I refuse to name the author, and I refuse to give away too much information on the book, but I'm afraid I absolutely must vent my frustrations over this novel.

The story was based loosely off of the legendary tales of Robin Hood. I know this narrows down which novel it could be, but I know of at least five other Robin Hood related romance books, so I feel relatively safe talking about it.

Now, this book surprised me... at first. The plot line was rather intriguing, though horribly confusing at times. The writing itself was poetic and very lyrical, which I quite liked. That is about where my enjoyment of the novel ended.

I know this has come up before, but I tend to dislike the heroines in most romance novels. In this novel, I despised her. She was a complete and total bitch. I'm sorry for the strong language but that describes her best. In her internal dialogue you got no hint that her attitude was a mere facade to protect her. Quite the opposite actually. She made no sense, and she, quite frankly, was a whore. And I say that, not because she slept around with a lot of people, but because she did not care who filled her “empty void.” She really didn't. She even admits as much several times to both the other characters and to the readers. Any guy would have done. Most of the time, the hero didn’t even do it for her, so she looked around for someone else.

She has a complete lack of regard for the people around her. She sets homes on fire, endangers her family and tries to kill the hero of the novel so many times I lost count. And trust me, none of those people deserved what she did. Especially not the hero.

Oh, and her sister. She was one of those characters you love to hate. She was spoiled, and exceedingly mean. I also know that this was not a "show" because we got her POV, which, I'm not going to lie, was terrifying to read. I felt dirty being in such disgustingly cruel thoughts. But get this; I just learned she's to get her own story within the year. WHAT?! I'm telling you, these girls are evil and should not be the heroines in ANY novel.

I understand authors wanting to be honest about humanity but... really? That’s the best you could do? No one wants to read about their high school nemesis getting a happily ever after. Trust me. No one.

On to the plot line. It was good, yes. It took me a lot longer than I thought it would to figure out who was behind all of the evil doings in Nottingham. But I chalk that up to the fact that the story was confusing and the only two characters I really remembered were the hero and heroine. Random characters showed up and somehow became integral parts of the story and the author just expected you to know who they are with no explanations given. The only people given descriptions were the heroine and a little boy. THAT'S IT! Even then they were very badly done. And yes, this book was the first in a series. Yippee.

The characters had conversations I could not follow because they made no sense. There was no connection between thoughts, and there was a lot of implication in the dialogue, with no actual saying of things. Normally that's alright, as long as you get the information elsewhere, ie., thoughts etc... But no. We got nothing. And these “implications” were things WE as readers couldn’t know or figure out for ourselves, the author NEEDED to tell us. But she didn’t.

The hero was alright I guess. However, he seemed weak to me, and seemed quite childish in scenes even though the author kept assuring us he was "very masculine". Snorts. Oh, and apparently he was a rogue, though there is NO indication of that in the story. Not one.

Overall, I despised the book.

Ugh, anyway. I have a much higher hope for some of the other books we picked up. Some of them are from favourite authors who have yet to disappoint me. So here's hopin'.

What about you? Have you read any books lately that just made you shake your head in disgust? If so, why? In your experience, are there certain genres that tend to disappoint you more in the larger scheme of things??


  1. You are probably going to beat me but I am not fond of romance novels. Now I will admit that really isnt a fair thing to say because I haven't read many but the few I have are all the same.

    Like I really love V.C Andrews, she is one of my favorite authors but I find that all of her series are simular. I can't predict what happens before the end of the book.

    But in all honesty I haven't read enough romance novels to justify my decision

  2. Well I didn't exactly shake my head in disgust because I did love the book, but The Dead Zone (by Stephen King) was extremely disappointing in my opinion. It's my mom's favourite book (she has every Stephen King book haha) so she finally made me read it.

    It felt like 20 different stories trying to come together in one book. None of the characters were really fully developed, including the main character. It's like he tried to but then figured it wouldn't matter or something. And the one main bad guy doesn't actually get "semi" developed until the last bit of the novel.

    I felt he had good intentions with the book and an abundance of awesome story lines, but really should have thought it through and planned it out more. I don't think many authors focus nearly enough on developing their characters.

  3. Bailey- That's alright. LOL! I only beat those who bash romance for no reason. Ie., haven't even READ a novel, and don't understand the intricate workings of a romance story.

    Megs- That sucks. Sometimes I feel King loses his touch with certain novels. He's fantastic, dont get me wrong. But yeah.

  4. This hasn't happened to me for a while, but I've been there. I think I blogged about the last time it happened. I didn't even bother to finish the book, it was so bad. Lately I've been sticking to writers I know, but I picked up a couple new names on Monday. Keep your fingers crossed for me. ;o)

  5. I think I know which book you're talking about. When I read it, I thought the very same thing. I liked the author's writing style very much, but hated the heroine more. She had no good qualities whatsoever. The sister was evil and the hero wasn't Alpha enough for me.

    I started reading another Medieval about a month ago, also from a debut author, and couldn't get past chapter two because I didn't like the heroine. I have no problems with a headstrong heroine. I just don't want her to be bitchy, sluty or selfish.

  6. Kresley Cole writes great heroines - intelligent, sexy and strong.

  7. B.E.- Goodluck!!!

    Jenn- I agree completely! Nowadays it seems like authors are making their heroines headstrong in all the wrong ways. She can be powerful and a strong individual without being, as you said, bitchy, sluty or selfish!! It completely throws me out of a story when I despise the heroine. If I can't imagine having lunch with her without wanting to storm out, I'm probably not going to enjoy the story very much.

    Mum- Yes she does!!! They are a great example of heroines done well.


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