Monday, August 24

What's the Plan Stan?

Tomorrow I am going to try and write.

Sorry, I thought that was important enough to deserve its own line.

Anyway, I'm not setting any quotas for a while - at least, not until I get back in the swing of things. And if tomorrow doesn't go so well I will try and take more breaks and do other things in between. I'm also going to continue doing some work getting to know my characters more. I think I know them pretty well, but they may surprise me, so it's best I know everything I can now.

Although I'd really like to get back into writing, I think I'll be okay if it doesn't work out for a few more days. I know I need a break, especially right before I start school again. I need to get mentally prepared for college after four months off. Sighs.

So the rest of tonight, I'm going to try and re-read a favourite or two. I don't feel like starting a new series or author - I might get sucked in and then who knows when I'll write again! I'm thinking a Karen Marie Moning or a Kresley Cole.

How was your weekend? Do anything fun?


  1. Resting and reading sounds like a plan. Sometimes you've got to recharge the batteries. I'll be pulling for you to write some good words when you're ready again. =o)

    Nothing fun over the weekend here, but Daughter and I did go out of town yesterday. We hit the bookstores and did lunch.

  2. Sounds like a good plan you've got planned my dear! I thought about you today! I'm taking a class, Intro to Canada, and he asked us if we knew any Canadians and I thought of you!! :)

    Hmm nothing too exciting this weekend. I packed and Sunday I moved back in to college. I love my new dorm room it's soo much bigger than the one I had last year!

  3. B.E.- Thank you for the encouragement! AHHH! You have just become one of my favourite people EVER! You (inadvertently) reminded me that some books I want come out today! Maybe I shall have to pester the Mum and see if she'd like to go into the city today... HMMM!

    Court- Hahahah, did you learn whether it’s a history class or something weird? And that’s neato. Did you raise your hand and be like "ME ME ME! I know the absolute BEST Canadian IN ALL OF CANADA?" Yes, no? Perhaps? Ah, I'll forgive you if you didn't... this time =P

    That's great! Chris got into a nice big dorm room this year too- it's all brand new and has AC (so he's in heaven). I don't know what my room looks like, but it probably looks exactly like my old one, since I'm in an apartment again this year. However, I do know I'm in a new building. I'm in B instead of A (creative eh?) And I think I'm on the 5th floor instead of the 2nd, which will be nice. I normally couldn't have my curtains open because everyone and their dog thought it was an invitation to peek into my room. Slightly unnerving when you're trying to write or take a nap.


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