Wednesday, August 5

Writing = Lazy Me

Today I've come to the conclusion that I've become quite lazy, at least when it comes to my appearance. I thought about it for a little while and came up with only one reason why (besides the fact that my boyfriend is in another country). Writing.

I mean, think about it. When all I'm doing for the day is sitting on my rear typing away it seems rather pointless to be putting in the time and effort to look perfect when the only people that are going to see it are my parents. And trust me, they don't care how I look as long as I don't leave the property, LOL.

To be honest I'm perfectly okay with my sweat pants, baggy shirt and curly crazy-woman hair. What I am worried about however, is my transition back into college life. Jeans, blouses and straight hair? Ugh. That seems like a lot of effort just to attend class.

Oh, well nothing I can do about it. Guess I'd better start looking human to prepare for my dunk back into the preppy land of short skirts, overwhelming perfume/cologne and popped collars.

Gee, I absolutely cannot wait!

*Just for the record, I do look human when I leave the house, LOL. I tame the hair and put on some jeans. Most of the time.*

**I am on fire! For the past few days my story has just been flowing! I LOVE it. I'm writing so quickly I don't even notice when I meet quota! Since Sunday I've written 6001 words out of 10695 . I should have no troubles meeting my goal this week!**

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  1. When I was in college, grungy was in. It seems like an awesome lot of us were wearing sweats or wrinkled things or ripped things. Of course, on the sunny shores of Lake Superior, we saw more of each others' coats than anything else. ;o)

    Woohoo about being on fire! Way to go.


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