Tuesday, September 29

How I'm Feeling...

I think this says it all...

If I haven't responded to your comments, emails, or your blog posts, I'm not ignoring you or avoiding you. I will try and get back to you either tonight or tomorrow sometime. I'm just on the chaotic side of crazy busy right now.

I hope you are all having a splendid week! Have you done anything exciting? Learned anything new? Have a funny story to share?


  1. No worries!

    I've been a little crazy lately, too. I haven't posted anything for 9 days. Maybe I should just shoot for 2 weeks, hah.

    Hope everything is going okay. :(

  2. Hugs! Never worry about rushing to get back to me... we all go through crazy times and not only do I completely understand, I know you'll understand if I ever get that way too :)

  3. ROFL - that kitty kills me.

    Exciting? Let's see... I rolled over 10K words typed last night. Yesterday I gave my daughter her first driving lesson wherein we spent an hour driving around a dirt parking lot by a football field. Not necessarily exciting for most, but I lead a bland life. ;o)

  4. I'm coming out of a busy spot too. That's just the way it is sometimes.

    I love the picture!

  5. For once, I DO have something exciting to tell you :) (To me anyways)

    I have decided I'm gonna major in zoology :). Since I can't decide between vet, pediatrician, social worker, or zoo runner. Zoologist kinda opens the doors to all those things.

    Hope you're doing good Nooty! Sorry we haven't talked. Aaron said once when he was online when I was sleeping a few people talked to me, including you, but for some reason he didn't bother telling any of you that I was asleep.

  6. Just here to send good vibes your way too :)

  7. Lady Glamis- LOL! I've entertained that thought more than once before too! I hope everything is calming down for you!! It really sucks when life gets so busy, doesn't it?! Aww, thank you! Everything is fine, just insane. School is taking up all of my time and it's getting on my nerves!

    Diana- Hugs back!! I just have to say, you're such a joy to have around =]

    B.E.- HAH! Glad you think so! He made me laugh and it was perfect for my post, so I had to share.

    Woah! Good job! LMAO! Oh, tis alright, life can be exciting enough as it is without loads of adventure or danger! I think that's why we all write.

    Mary- Hello! I agree. Life just gets in the way! Hopefully my life will calm down shortly!

    Chloe- Hello my dear! A zoologist? That's so neat!! And it's perfect for you! LOL darn that Aaron! Boys -rolls eyes-


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