Sunday, September 6

Just a Quick Update!!

Hello everyone! I hope your Saturday was swell =]

The Highland Games were a lot of fun. We had good weather but it wasn't so hot you were frying. I promise I will post the pictures either tomorrow evening or Monday sometime. I would post them tonight but I need to get up early tomorrow to move into university. Ahh saying university never gets old.

Oh, actually I'm not sure if I've mentioned it on here yet but my college (Mount Royal College) became a university on September 3rd. Now it's Mount Royal University. Sounds elite doesn't it? Wink wink. I've been told by my American boyfriend that college and university is interchangeable down there, so for some of you this may be one of those "uh huh, so?" Sort of deals. But here in Canada, college is supposedly "dumber" than university. Which is total BS. The assumption is that if you're going to college you're not as smart as those going to university. HAH. I could have gotten into any of the university programs in Alberta, but I picked MRC because of the smaller class sizes, its cheaper to attend (and I've been getting university level courses still) and the residences are nicccccccccccce. Plus it's relatively close to my town since it's located in Calgary. Anyway, the only real difference was that MRC could not give you a degree. You had to do two years at Mount Royal and then transfer into an Athabasca University program (which you could still take AT MRC) and get your degree from Athabasca. It's really confusing I know, because you still did all 4 years at Mount Royal. Anyway, for the past year though, they've been able to grant degrees, just hadn't had the new name. Well now they do. So it's exciting. I know this is dorky of me, but I really want to get one of those MRU hoodies now =]

Alright, I should probably go to bed now that I've rambled.
Hope everyone has a good Sunday!!


  1. I was brought up tp believe that universities were for degrees and colleges were for trades. I don't know why people assume you have to be smart to get into university. God knows that wasn't the case with me lol :p

  2. University and College are mostly interchangeable down here, but most of the people I know are more impressed if somebody is enrolled at the "University of Such-and-Such" rather than "Such-and-Such College." University just sounds more impressive for some reason. :)

    Hope your Sunday is going well!

  3. Bailey- lol I think society tends to claim that college is for BEFORE university. So like, high school, college and then university. Tis dumb. LOL you shouldn't bash yourself there missy.

    Jenna- Ahh alright, thank you for clearing that up for me!! And I agree, I think everyone is more impressed with the sound of University. Sounds more important =P

  4. Go out and buy yourself an MRU hoodie! :D And sometimes down here University is used to describe Graduate school whereas college is used to describe undergrad. :)

    Sometimes, not a lot though. :)

  5. Hadha- Haha I looked today when I went shopping for my textbooks but they didn't have any nice ones out. I think I'm going to wait a few more weeks to see what they come up with, LOL!


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