Sunday, September 20

The Merits of Humour in the Classroom

In lieu of my Patrick Stewart look-alike professor and his already widely popular beliefs-- HAH-- I have decided to post about my other English professor this semester. Randy we shall call him. Because that happens to be his name, LOL! Clever, hm? Sighs. Cut me some slack, it's the weekend and my brain is taking a much needed breather for 5 minutes while I write this post.

Anyways, Randy is my English Literary Theory professor. And yes, the subject matter IS as boring as it sounds. More so, actually. So if you feel like giving me any sympathy it would be much appreciated and oh--so--desperately desired.

But moving on, Randy has an interesting sense of humour. To be honest, I'm not sure I can truly capture him to share with all of you. Suffice it to say, he's funny. He makes getting up for my morning class that much more acceptable. He also makes the subject matter that much more tolerable. He also doesn't take himself too seriously, thank God. English professors with sticks shoved up their bums are the absolute worst to deal with. Yes, as hard as it may be to believe, they are worse than semi-stoned Philosophy professors. And for the record, I've had two of those. Yep. Two.


Anywho... Randy shows his casual stance on the classroom and his own discipline in various ways. He makes up words at random; he discusses Lord of the Rings at length (claiming, of course, that it is the best story, EVER); and tells really bad jokes that make you just want to shake your head in pity.

For example: My first class with him he said that the syllabus was really Imporbant. I think I'll let that one sink in a little.


Imporbant. Any ideas what it means? No? Important but boring= Imporbant.

While going over the introduction of our textbook, he came across the word Despite. Simple enough, and yet he spent 10 minutes on this word, claiming that it was an ugly word. "De and spite. Spite. God that's a hideous word! It's like it came out of MORDOR!"


And last but not least...

We meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Well, in Thursday's class he had this to say... "Hello everyone! Gosh. Thursday already, huh? Wow.... Do you remember Tuesday? I do. I remember Tuesday vividly. I remember it almost like it was yesterday..."

And with that, I will let you go.
I hope your weekend is going well!


  1. I giggled when you said "bums." I say that, but I'm always afraid I'm the only one besides errybody orr in England.

  2. First off, here's my sypmpathy: *Passes over sympathy.*

    Don't you just have to love funny teacher people? Especially funny English teacher people. It makes an otherwise dull subject boring (not that I hate can just get awfully dull).

    Happy Sunday! :D

  3. Meg- LOL! You are such a wonderful person! I said 'bums' instead of something else because I would like my blog posts to remain more on the PG side of things.

    Jenna- Haha thanks! You get mine as well because I know how busy you are with your numerous blogs, school work and writing!

    And yes, I really do. They make everything a bit easier to deal with. English can get awful dull, especially in university when you have to take the theory courses. UGH!


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