Saturday, September 5

Not Much To Report

I wrote about a page and a half yesterday and... I like it! Yay! I had a brief brainstorming session with Christopher last night and he helped tremendously! He forced me tell him what was holding me back from writing this next scene. I didn't think him getting all "management" on me was going to help, but it did! It made me be open and honest and think about it. It also made me accountable to someone else - which helped. He helped picked it apart until I finally realized what has been bugging me the past several weeks! Now that I know, it seems like I've always known.

Sadly, the problem is a bit too complicated to explain without having to explain my whole story for an hour, LOL! But to make an extremely long story short, there was this character that I'd planned on introducing (yes the same one I talked about a few posts ago) in this next scene. However, in the end I realized that the problem was this character. I could cut her completely from the story and it would probably make it better in the end. And I know we've all heard that if you can cut them so easily or if you know it'll make the story better, then you should probably do it.

Now that she's gone, I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my chest! And voila, suddenly that page and a half came flying off my fingers and I'm excited to write again tonight! I wish I could have written more yesterday and earlier today but I needed to pack for college.

Anyway, my mum has heard bits of what I wrote and she was laughing out loud (yes, she was supposed to be). And Chris read the whole scene and only had one minor issue with a phrase I used. So all in all, very good.

I think I'm going to keep writing tonight and see where it goes. Unfortunately, I need to go to bed early tonight because my family and I are going to the Highland Games in Calgary tomorrow. Yay! I shall make sure to post a ton of pictures of the even for you!

But I should get to writing now. I hope you all have a fabulous long weekend and be safe where ever you are!!


  1. Congratulations on getting past your stumbling block, and way to get some words out when you've got other stuff on your mind.

    Have fun at the Highland Games. I can't wait to see the pics.

  2. Yes the explanation does take an hour!!

  3. B.E.- Thanks!!! Once I realized what the solution was I got all giddy. I'm pretty sure I shrieked a little bit too. Sighs. My poor parents, LOL!

    The Highland Games were fun! My Mum took lots of pictures of kilts! I will post them either tomorrow evening or Monday sometime.

    Dad- LOL. Yeah well... NEH. You're still silly enough to stop in my doorway to chat. HAH. You should know I'll keep you there for an hour.


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