Saturday, September 26

Speaking of meltdowns...

I had one tonight. It was about math.

Contrary to popular belief, I did well in high school (mid 80's). But apparently once I was finished with math, it 'poofed' out of my mind, never to return. And quite frankly, it can stay away. There's a reason I'm an English major, History minor... BECAUSE I LOATHE MATH WITH EVERY FIBRE OF MY BEING.


So, how are you? Are you a fellow math-hater too? Or was some other subject the bane of your existence?


  1. The Elephant picture and the X picture make me happier than anything haha. I don't know how many times I've seen them, but I laugh everytime.

  2. Math has always made my head explode, but now that I'm homeschooling, I have to keep the explosions down to a minimum. I've learned more about Algebra in the last three years than in all of HS and college combined.

    Of course it didn't help that my prof for College Algebra stuttered. And if you asked her a question, the stutter got worse. For someone who had a tough time grasping the concepts, the course was like getting bamboo shoved under my fingernails.

  3. Meg- haha I know. I've seen them a million times and they still make me grin. I think it's because I can understand. I wanted to draw an elephant so many times when I was in math.

    B.E.- LOL! I don't envy you. When my future kids have math homework they will either go to Daddy or Grandpa with questions. Mummy will help with everything else, LOL!

    OMG! That would be the absolute worst. -shudders- How on earth did you make it through?

  4. I eventually dropped the class. (In time to not have it show on my GPA, but not in time to get my money back.) The next semester, I changed majors to one that didn't require any math.

  5. B.E.- I don't blame you! The only reason I'm taking this GNED course is because my school makes us take "cluster" requirements,(one cluster is numeracy and science courses). It insures we have a well rounded education.

    Psst. Who needs that?

  6. Ugh, math and science are my mortal enemies. And then there's the legendary torture that is science mixed with math, also known as Chemistry. My head hurts just thinking about it.

  7. Diana- I'm with you on that one. Math and science together? Shudders. Horrid. Evil. Clearly designed by men, LOL!


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