Sunday, September 27

Thank God For Blankets

The weather is a-changin'. I just got back from my cousin Alec's 7th birthday party and nearly froze my tush off running from the truck to the house. When we left at 4pm it was mid 20's. I was wearing shorts, a tank top shirt thing and a light sweater and I was perfectly comfortable.

Hah! I should have known the weather would change only a few hours later. Now I'm buried in my blankets wearing full pajama pants, socks, and a long sleeve shirt. Man, I've got to get prepared for this snow thing. I'm surprised it hasn't shown up already. Then again, we just had the hottest first day of fall on record. Maybe it's going to be a warm winter? Sighs. A girl can dream.


  1. We have already had frost in lethbridge a couple times. I thinkI need to start preparing for winter. Ive noticed that 90% of my clothes are capris and tanktops

    shopping spree XD lol

  2. I was going to ask if you live in Utah, because around here you just wait 10 minutes and the weather changes. I hate snow. I hate it so much I need to move. Guess I won't be moving up there. :)

    Good luck! I love blankets. They're in every room in the house.

  3. Bailey- Really?! WOW! It's getting cooler here at night (as proven by yesterday's run from the truck to the house)but nothing below 0. Yet. I think it got down to about 5 yesterday. LOL! When I was packing for school I brought all of my sweaters and jeans with me. They are now patiently waiting for their turn to be worn. Where did all of your clothes go from last winter? And I don't think I've ever seen you in a tanktop!

    Lady Glamis- Hello! LOL! Sounds like up here! We can have every season show its face in one day. Makes it difficult to dress in the morning. You kinda just wing it and keep sweaters and socks in the car just in case.

    Yay, a fellow blanket lover! It's a comfort thing for me. I just love wrapping up in a blanket, regardless of what I'm doing.

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  5. lol last year you e caugwouldn't havht me dead in a tanktop but over the summer I became more comfortable with myself I guess. And I still have all my hoodies from last year but i've been trying to move away from my old t-shirt and hoodie for my jeans, they all got wore out.

  6. Lately I've had to wear three different outfits throughout the day. Mornings I'm bundled up, by lunch I'm dressed for fall, and in the afternoon, I'm back in summer clothes again. Silly weather.

  7. It was a hundred degrees yesterday here in California and I can't wait for winter! I love any season change, really :)

    I laughed at your response to my post a few days ago... and I can't believe people don't tell you, "College will be over before you know it," everyone told me that ALL the time and I hated hearing it... of course they were right lol!

  8. Carly- Hey! Thanks for stopping by. Thank you for your kind words! I will email you within the hour. Sorry it's taken me so long!!

    Bailey- Ahh okay. Well, good for you! Having confidence in yourself is a great thing!

    B.E.- Oh, I know what you mean! I'm the same way. Except for me, it's 1. school clothes, 2. hang around the dorm clothes. I've always been like that. I like lazing around in big hoodies and blankets. Comfort clothes maybe?

    Diana- =O HOW DO YO DEAL WITH THE HEAT? I'm not sure it got that hot here all SUMMER! See, if I were you, I'd love winter too. Sadly, our winter lasts 10 months! And it's not nice winter. It's freeze every exposed bit off within 5 minutes. Shudders.

    LOL! I'm glad you laughed. I like it when people laugh. It doesn't happen enough in this world, I think!


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