Wednesday, September 2

WIP Wednesday

Yep, that's right folks, I am going to jump on the bandwagon and have WIP Wednesdays. I know it's the new trend to have "themed" days, and I don't tend to like following trends, but I quite enjoy some of them. I also think it will help me post consistently throughout the school year. Which I know everyone wants, LOL!
I am currently at 74 000 words on my novel. Not where I'd like to be, but that's alright. About two weeks ago I was at 75 000 words but I had to cut about 5000 and rewrite the whole scene. Why? Because... I started writing the novel and got to about 50 000 words. And then I went back and added about 25 000 words in the middle of that. So now some of the stuff I wrote BEFORE needs to be changed and/or removed.
Anyway, I finally got through a scene I've been having troubles writing. Chris read it and didn't tear it apart too badly but he did edit it a lot. By the way, I love when people are honest about a scene and can say things like "that was really clunky - it needs a lot of work" without being mean. Tis a grand thing.
Next I'm working on a scene that I had written before but now it's in a different setting, the tone is different, and I'm introducing a new character to the whole story. Soo, its pretty much a rewrite, LOL! I'm hoping to work on that tonight. Then after that I just need to read over and edit a bunch of the scenes I already have. I'll need to change a few things but other than that it should be fine.
How is your WIP going? Hit any walls? Have any AHA! moments?


  1. Congratulations on the progress. =o)

    My WIP... I think the wall I ran into smushed the whole thing flat. However, last night I woke up from a totally unrelated dream and everything seemed to fall into place. I have some plotting to do before I can restart, but I'm excited about the book again. And I even think I found a title. Finally. Yay.

  2. Thanks =]

    I'm sorry to hear about the whole 30K that needs to be flushed! But I am glad that you've hopefully figured it all out!! =]

  3. I like the idea of WIP Wednesdays. I'm looking forward to following your progress.

    As for me...
    WIP (#1)
    I'm working on rewrites - adding much needed backstory scenes to the beginning. I'm pleased with the reshuffle of chapters, but not happy that it's taking me SO long to do the rewrites.

    WIP (#2)
    I'm have 3 versions of Chapter One that I need to blend into one good opening scene. I just need to sit down at the computer and do it! If only I could quit my job and write full-time...ah, wouldn't that be a dream come true! :)

  4. Jen- Yeah, doing rewrites sucks. It takes me soo much longer to do them then to just write a new scene. I wonder if thats the same for everyone??

    Haha no kidding! I know I shouldn't talk since I'm a university student, but working certainly cuts down on your writing time! How you do it, I'll never know...


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