Tuesday, October 6


Alright, I know this is very late, but I've been busy. Better late than never, right? So last Wednesday I opened up the floor for you guys to ask me a question. Well, Lady Glamis asked me: "...what's the most rebellious thing you've ever done?"

To be honest, this is a really hard question for me to answer. Since I have such a good relationship with my parents, I never felt much need to rebel against them. They were-- and still are-- very open, as long as I was/am being reasonable. They were never very strict, but then again, they might have been stricter if I was a "bad" child. Alas, I made their jobs relatively easy.

This is part of the reason I waited to answer this question. I couldn't think of anything, so I had to ask my Mum to help me out, because who would know better than her? Unfortunately, she couldn't really come up with anything either, so I'll just go over the usual rebellious activities teenagers go through.

Here in Alberta, the drinking age is 18, so when I was in high school there was rampant underage drinking. You'd think there wouldn't be as much underage drinking, but since it was a small town, everyone was friends with everyone else, which included people two to three grades older than yourself. But to be honest, I never really took part in the party scene. It bored me senseless. However, that's not to say I never drank "illegally." I had drinks with my family at BBQ's etc... but I don't see that as being rebellious since my parents were alright with it (I only ever had one cooler about twice a year). My parents gave me the option to have a drink, which showed their trust in me. In a way, that sort of cooled any desire I probably would've had to drink. To this day I still don't really drink. I had one bad episode the 4th day of my first year of university, but even then it was only one shot of Vodka that didn't sit well... (And yes, for you keener's out there, the Vodka shot was illegal, since I was 17 for my whole first semester of school).

Alright, so now that you know I didn't rebel with alcohol (or drugs, obviously, since I don't even drink) I shall move on to the next best thing: piercings and tattoo's. As some of you have probably seen in my Facebook pictures, I do have my nose pierced. But my parents paid for it, and went with me... And in the same trip, my Mum got her eyebrow pierced... So I don't think that was very rebellious. I didn't even rebel with the stud I put in my nose. While some people do that whole ring thing (which I think makes them look like a bull), the stud I have is very small. In fact, most people don't even notice that my nose is pierced. And no, I don't have any tattoos. I flip flop on whether or not I want one. I suspect I'll always be indecisive on this, which is a good sign that I shouldn't get one.

Alright, so the only thing my Mum and I could come up with that was "rebellious" was who I'm dating. As some of you know, I've been dating Christopher for 3 years now. Quite a feat considering I live in Alberta, Canada and he lives in Virginia... So I suppose that's a little rebellious; though, it's more of a pain in the butt. Flights are expensive... LOL!

So as you can see, I'm not a rebellious person at all. I just felt no need to do anything like that.
Great question Lady Glamis! Thanks for asking it!

What's the most rebellious thing you've ever done?

*Update: If you can actually find a picture of me where you can see my nose piercing I'll be impressed. After typing the Facebook thing out, I thought about it and went looking. I can only find a few and I only notice it because I know it's there...*


  1. I see a small hole in your logic though. You said that you had awesome so you never felt like you had a reason to rebel.

    I had awesome parent too but I still went through an emo phase and dyed my hair random colors. A small rebelliion but a rebellion at that.

    Well I suppose my mom was ok with the hair thing but in a way I was still rebelling against society (lol I sound so anarchist). Same with your nose ring. You weren't rebelling against your parent but in society (well not so much anymore) piercings are frowned upon.

    Not horribly so but there are still people who find it offensive. So you could say that you were rebelling.

    Well at least it sounds cool.

  2. Bailey- Trust me. I never went through that emo thing, nor was I rebelling against society. When I had the piercing done it wasn't frowned upon. To be honest, I did it because I thought it looked pretty in other cultures (where it's def. not frowned upon). Besides, like I said in the post, almost no one notices it. I got it done in... grade 9? I think? And I still have people who I've known for yearssss suddenly go "When did you get your nose pierced? It's so pretty!"

  3. lol true but alot of people still find piercings offensive

  4. Awesome! Thanks for answering my question. You sound so sweet and lovely, I didn't think you could have done anything terrible.

    Like I told you, piercing my belly button was it. And I only kept it for four years. :)

  5. Or three years... I can't remember!

  6. Haha so what's the most rebellious thing I've ever done?

    Well to be honest, like a million things flashed through my mind, even going back to when I was about 6 years old and I drew on the wall. Or when I was like 4 and peeled the wallpaper (I was destructive, apparently).

    I've done some "bad" things (well, things that some people may consider bad, some may not) but I had trouble thinking of something I did that was rebellious.

    But then I remembered something.

    And if my mom reads this I'll kill myself haha.

    Back in Gr. 12 I went to a party. I never drank until New Years 08 (relatively impressive if you ask me). The party was being held at my friend's house, and she lived literally across the field from me.

    I went to the party and drank ... quite a bit. My mom wanted me home at 1. I wanted to stay later. So did my friends. So at 1 my friend drove me home (I had a huge crush on him too). He then drove half way down my driveway, and waited. I went into the house and talked to my mom - I was sitting on the edge of her bed and I couldn't even see straight, but she didn't think anything was up. I went down to my room and waited for a few minutes.

    I then snuck out.

    My friend drove me back to the party.

    I came home at about 4.

    I've never done something that bad (and yes, that's what I consider "that bad").

    And something tells me posting this on the internet is a bad idea.

  7. ooohh - I thought of something- you liked to unroll the toilet paper & drag it around (obviously this was when you were a toddler)! I beg to differ- we were very strict! You just happened to be smart enough to realize we were right (most of the time) so it didn't result in a "disagreement". Love you :-)

  8. All in all, I wasn't rebellious. Sure, there was the underage drinking thing, but that wasn't so much rebelling against my parents as trying to fit in with my peers. Daring to be different by being exactly the same, ya know. ;o)

  9. Lady Glamis- Aww thank you!

    Meg- Tsk tsk. You bada** you. LOL! I dunno if your mom would be very happy with you... =P

    Mum- I am SOOO glad you said when I was a toddler or else everyone might think I still do that, LOL!
    Love you too.

    B.E.- Ah yes, the classic "rebelling" to fit in, LOL! =P


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