Thursday, October 29

Delayed WIP Wednesday

Hello guys! So I'm going to use this post to update you on my work-in-progress (duh) as well as update you on my daily life. Ooo, exciting ;)!


I've written several thousand words since last Wednesday! Yay! I don't know the actual number-- that would require me to pick up my notebook and look, and I'm far too lazy to do that, LOL! Anywho, I added a few sentences here and there to finish off my Hero's POV in Chapter One. After that, I got stuck when I tried to switch back to my Heroine's POV. I knew exactly what I wanted in this part. I had several pages of notes on emotion and actions and what needed to happen in this scene to move the story forward... and yet, I couldn't get it out. But on Monday I got about a page done and it has received the seal of approval from Christopher! Yay! I wasn't sure if that page was any good, because I had been so stuck. However, I just reread it and I love it. Overall, I'm rather happy with myself. I didn't get the word count I wanted, but I love what I do have.


Everyone is getting sick. I had two classes cancelled this week due to illness. Not that I'm really complaining, but still. It's not a good sign for me and my weak immune system. Sighs. Anyway, I got my stylistic analysis paper back from my "stupid English class" (advanced writing). My professor has been grading these papers for a little over a week, and each time we had class, he would comment on his progress. Apparently most of the class failed, which is definitely not a good thing from a class of mostly English majors. Needless to say, I panicked, as I tend to do. I wish I hadn't. I got the best grade in the class, a solid "A". The next highest grade was a "B".
He actually used my essay as an example of "inspirational, exquisite, beautiful, and rich writing."
Yeeeeep. I'm quite proud of myself for pulling that one out, LOL!

Along with the English paper, I also got my History midterm book review essay back. Man, that's a mouthful. Anywho, professor Wigelsworth did the same thing as my advanced writing prof. He told the class that most had failed. In fact, the class average was a "C-". So what did I do? That's right, I panicked. Once again, wish I hadn't. I got another solid "A". I believe he said only 3 (or 5?) people got a B or higher. Yep, I'm happy.

So this school week went pretty well. I got an A on both assignments, one worth 20% the other 25%.


I lost my cell phone today. Right after my History class. I don't know what happened. I had it, then like 10 steps outside of the room I had the thought of: "where's my phone?" So I looked through my bags and it wasn't in there. I went back into class and it wasn't there either. And I definitely had it in class because I'd been texting Chris during the boring sections (a lecture on the start of the Thirty Years War.... SNORE). I talked to Wigelsworth, but he didn't see it. I also called Lost & Found (which happens to be Security) and they haven't had anyone drop it off. I'm really hoping it turns up. I have pictures on there that I haven't put on my computer yet.

Sighing. I've never lost anything before. So this is sort of psyching me out. Oh well, I suppose. The big problem now is, I have no phone. And my family doesn't have a land line. We just all have cell phones. Oh dear, oh dear. What to do?

But overall, my "general" life sucked this week. Even with all the positives regarding school. Just plain sucked. Everyone's been rather emotional and extremely busy. Ah well. Hopefully next week will be better? Plus, it's Halloween this weekend. That means I get to snack on candy while writing. How could that go wrong? -knocks on wood-

*I haven't decided about tomorrow's post, but I will be giving away another award. Oooo Ahhh!*


  1. I hate it when I lose things... especially phones and purses. I don't keep track of phone numbers, so I'd be lost without my phone. I hope you find it.

    I hope everything gets better all around. Candy has got to make things better.

    My word verification is worphain and it looks like someone butchered the spelling of the word "orphan." For some reason, I keep thinking of the musical "Pirates of Penzance." I think I might need less sugar and more sleep... maybe.

  2. BTW... I think you can just call any delays: "rain delay"

  3. Yay on the words and Yay for the good grades! What your annoying professor said was full of awesome.

    Could someone have taken your cell phone while you weren't looking? Probably not much you can do about it if they did, but you might need to cancel your cell. They could be calling Abu Dabi on your dime.

  4. Wow! That's a sucky week, unbelievable. My college English teacher used to hold up my paper as an example of what not to do. The only reason I got a B is because technically I was on the money. Crazy man.

  5. It's the best feeling in the world to have your work praised. Good job with the school work!

    I have never lost my cell phone before, but I've come close. I searched over an hour and found the bottom of my purse.

  6. Yay for your A! Kudos to you for knocking out more words on your WIP, whatever the count. With your crazy busy school life, that's a big accomplishment.

    I hope you find your phone!!!

    Half the staff in my office is out sick. Luckily it's not the swine flu, just a nasty cold.

    I didn't meet my word count goal for the week, but I like what I wrote. That counts as progress, I hope. :)

  7. Wendy- I'm the same as you. I don't remember numbers because my phone does that for me, LOL!

    I agree. Candy = Happiness.

    B.E.- Thanks!! Yep, I agree. I was a little stunned though, because he is the type to have favourites, and I haven't exactly been hiding my dislike all that well...

    Thankfully I have my phone back (will be discussed in the next post, whenever I get around to it). However, we did disconnect my phone right away just in case. But unless they called China, we would have been fine because I have unlimited texting and long distance(north america).

    JD- Awww! That would be awful! My prof does that too and I always feel bad for those students. I don't think humiliation in front of your peers is an appropriate way to teach AT ALL! I'm happy you proved him wrong and got the good grades still =]

    Melane- Thank you!! LOL! I've "lost" my phone that way too. However, this was the first real time.

    Jen- Thank you hun!! Uck! That sucks. The flu (whether swine or normal) is sweeping across my university at an alarming rate. They are actually talking about changing the final exam policy because so many people are missing.
    Yep! It certainly counts as progress. The best kind, I think! =]

  8. should i start from ''sorry words'' or ''happy note''
    its nice to know taht u have been wrotting thousands of words..i always consider that person a king who holds a huge kingdom of precious words...(in your case queen is appropriate word)
    and ...yup really feel sorry about cell phone its really irritating thing to lose such a person device your whole routine based upon...

  9. I hope your cell phone gets found and that you stay well and keep getting those A's. It sounds like your writing is going very well. Even with everything else, it sounds like you have a lot to be proud of.

    I've given you two awards back at my blog It sounds like you're kind of busy right now, so don't worry about doing anything with them. Just know your blog is appreciated.

  10. Mary- Aww thank you! I'll do them sometime this week! =]


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