Friday, October 9

Elephant vs. Moon

I'm lying here, bundled up in blankets, contemplating what to talk about. I could talk about the snow coating my front lawn, or I could talk about how my cold won't seem to go away, even though I begged it to the other day. Or I could talk about how I haven't finished that History essay, or how this weekend is filled up with Thanksgiving activities... not that I can taste or smell anything. I could talk about the pile of books I bought yesterday that are taunting me to read them, or I could simply skip the thinking and post one of my "themed" posts.

Unfortunately, I don't feel like talking about any of those things. So I suppose I'll just leave you with an amusing picture...


  1. LOL! That's hilarious.

    What books did you buy? Yesterday I picked up HIGHLAND DRAGON by Kimberly Killion. I loved her first book.

    Stay warm and feel better soon.

  2. OH OH! Are you talking about HER ONE DESIRE? Where the girl's dad was the executioner?? I JUST read that book this week! I loved it too! Ahhh brilliant minds think alike =D

    I went a little crazy on books. I bought:

    HUSH, HUSH by Becca Fitzpatrick (LOVED this book!! If you like Twilight, you'll ADORE this book)

    SEDUCED BY SHADOWS by Jessa Slade (she's a sweetie and its her first book)

    THE EARL CLAIMS HIS WIFE by Cathy Maxwell

    TEMPT ME AT TWILIGHT by Lisa Kleypas

    COVET by J.R. Ward


    TEMPTED BY HIS KISS by Tracy Anne Warren

    To be honest, I have so many books that I haven't read, but I can't seem to stop myself from buying more books in the meantime. My room is like a library. When I do read a book I just go to my numerous shelves and browse around. Its rather sad.

    Thanks for the well wishes! It means a lot =]

  3. We got snow here last night. Ugh. Staying cuddled up with a comforter and a good book sounds like a plan to me.

    You mean an elephant isn't larger than the moon?? Oh man. No wonder I can never win on Jeopardy. ;o)

  4. Umm its like 90 degrees down in here in FL, so my stack of books is being read by the pool lately. I do miss fall up north. *sigh*
    That pic is hilarious.

  5. B.E.- LMAO! Nope, apparently its not. I love how the lady looks somewhat nervous and confused about the question.

    Karen- =O 90?! Man, I wish I was down there right now... it's -10 c here...

  6. Oh that picture is too much!

    I hope your cold gets better already, poor thing. You probably hardly remember what it's like to take a normal, non-sniffly breath.

    Hush, hush looks so good, it's on my tbr pile! I think my pile is almost as high as yours... I also can't stop buying books, eek!

  7. Diana- Haha I'm glad you liked it. I laughed so hard when I saw it!

    Thank you! I hope it does too. Ugh, yes. I can't wait till I can taste food again.

    You really should read it. I could NOT put it down. LOVED it from start to finish.


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