Sunday, November 1

Good or Bad?

Wow, I've been slacking. Oops. It seems the second I get home for the weekend I become this lump. It's a wonder I even get my laundry done, LOL! But never fear, I have been reading your blogs. I just haven't been commenting because I'm rather lazy, as we've already determined!

Anyway, I have my phone back. Yay! I called MRU security Friday and only 10 minutes earlier someone had dropped it off. Phew! I'm so glad there are still some honest people out there! The person could have easily kept it. So please help me send the good samaritan some positive thoughts!

Okay, now, I had this whole post planned where I was going to post my old Halloween pictures. I even scanned them in. However, that's about where I stalled, LOL! I'm thinking I'll post it tomorrow. That way you can all share your Halloween tales!

So what are we doing today you wonder? Why, we're going to discuss vampires of course. It is Halloween after all. But not just any vampires. We're going to discuss Stefan and Damon from the new show The Vampire Diaries. What? You aren't watching it? Scoffs. Well you should be.
For those of you who are watching the show, what are your thoughts? Who should Elena pick? Stefan, the goody goody WUSS, or Damon, the smoldering bad ass with issues?

LMAO! Gee, can you tell who my favourite is? But no really, I don't mind Stefan at all, nor will I shun anyone who likes him more than Damon. I just think that Damon is so much more interesting and I feel there's more chemistry between him and Elena.

What do you think?

*Hello to all my new readers! I hope you enjoy! If you have any questions, or would like me to talk about something specific, just let me know!*


  1. Alas, I watched the first few weeks of Vampire Diaries and then dropped off. I'm a complete Vampire Diaries slacker! However, I'm going to say that when it comees to vampires, they're already bad ass enough as it is, I don't want mine w/ issues like Damon's. So, I'd say that I'd have to go with he seems less likely to, you know, tear me apart and leave me for dead.

  2. Haha very true. I just like Damon more for some reason. Dunno why!

  3. I'm also a Vampire Diaries slaker because I have to watch it on my laptop, and never feel like setting that up. Maybe I'll catch up on the show this weekend.

    Anyway, Damon gets my vote. Guess I like bad boys. :) And he has the most gorgeous eyes ever!

  4. Yeah, I have to watch it on my laptop too. However, I go home on Thursday nights, so it becomes part of my "it's the weekend, I am now a slug" thing.

    Yay! A Damon fan =] He really does.


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