Saturday, October 24


Hello everyone! I was going to write a nice, inspirational post today, but I'm too tired. I ran errands with my parents in the city and it just pooped me out. Completely. I'm sitting here yawning while I write this, and it's only 8:30ish. Sad, really.

Anyway, I thought this would be a good time to bring up the fact that I have MSN messenger and AIM if anyone is interested in having a chat buddy while they write. Since I seem to live on my computer doing work, I'm generally on MSN as well. If you aren't interested, that's perfectly fine. However, if you are interested, email me at and I will send you my MSN email address and/or my AIM name thingy.

Now, it's time to start writing. I got about 1500 out last night, which, if you knew my mood, is quite impressive, LOL!

I hope the weekend is going well!


  1. I don't AIM anymore, and I never MSN'd, but if you want to chat, feel free to email me, Natalie. =o)


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