Wednesday, October 14

WIP Wednesday

Hello everyone! I hope your week has been splendid so far! Not counting the snow, mine has been good. I haven't worked on either story but that's okay. I plan on doing lots this weekend-- I can't wait! I just need to finish an essay tonight and do some studying tomorrow and then I should be freeee! So I guess there's not much to talk about, since you guys already know that I cheated on my story, LOL! Well... I suppose I could tell you about the two essays I have been working on this week?

1. A history paper (book review) on the book Defiled Trades & Social Outcasts by Kathy Stuart. The book was a fascinating read. It's all about executioners and other shunned trades in Germany during the early modern period. I definitely recommend it to anyone interested in that sort of thing.

2. A stylistic analysis of an excerpt from The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy. I read this book a year ago for another class and fell in love with it. Trust me, this book is stunningly beautiful, but in a very dark way. Closed minds beware, this book probably isn't for you. Anyway, the assignment consists of me picking a small piece from any novel and doing an in-depth analysis on it. It will be easy once I get going...

I've been doing other things this week as well, but those are my two big projects for the week. I'm already done the history paper-- thankfully. However, I only have the intro done for the second paper, so I should probably get on that. Sighs. So I shall leave you to go work on that. However, first I wanted to post this comic. My dad sends me comics all the time, and this one is wonderful. Thanks Dad!

You guys know the drill. How's your story coming along? Any questions for me?


  1. OH MY GOODNESS! THAT'S MY ALL TIME FAVORITE CARTOON! I simply adore Pearls Before Swine... I have a bunch of literary ones saved up on my computer. :D

  2. Cute comic! Hehe. You make me miss school sometimes when you talk about all your projects. :)

    Good luck with everything!

  3. That cartoon is killer. Thanks, Natalie and Natalie's Dad. =o)

    FWIW, my moose has been busy slapping me around. I still have too many hand-written pages left to type into Word, but I did get almost 3000 words into the 'puter last night. Once I get the rest input, I'll get back to new words, and the moose knows exactly where the story should go next.

    Good luck getting your essays done so you can write this weekend.

  4. Hadha- LOL! Yeah it's wonderful! You do =O ? You should post them on your blog so I can take a gander at them!!

    Lady Glamis- LMAO! Would you like to do my work for me? Pwetty, pwetty please? -sighs- Just kidddding. Mostly.

    Thank you!

    B.E.- Haha I know! My Dad's great for finding the good cartoons! Good job! That's quite a bit! I hope it goes well for you! And thank you!

  5. Thanks, the cartoon is cute! And Lady Glamis' comment was cute too!! I don't miss school projects, but I walk down memory lane and remember mine when I come here... keep up the great work!

  6. Diana- I'm glad you like it. I am, from now on, referring to my Muse as my Moose =D

    Haha aww! Thanks!


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