Wednesday, October 21

WIP Wednesday

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I've started a new story. I am currently a little over 4000 words in. Doesn't seem like much I know, but it's coming along nicely, especially considering that I've only worked on it for one weekend. So far I absolutely adore it and the characters. I feel like I know them so much more than I knew my other characters. I should feel guilty for falling so hard for this new story, but I can't seem to find the energy to bother, LOL!

Anyway, I haven't done any actual writing for my story since Sunday. But I have done some plotting this week, so that's good. However, I'm hoping to write tonight! YAY! Well, once I get through all of your blog posts!

In other news...

Welcome to all my new readers! I hope you have fun here! And thank you to Melane for the Kreativ Blogger Award. Since I'm so tired right now and would like to write before I collapse, I'm going to pass the award on and tell everyone my 7 things tomorrow. 'Kay?

How is your work-in-progress coming along?


  1. 4000 words is great progress. Hmm, that's 4000 more words than I've written this week. :)

  2. So fantastic Natalie! Ride the new wip wave for as long as you can... hopefully straight to the end of the book :)

    My wip is still going at a nice groove. Hopefully I'll have more time next week to get some more chapters written.

  3. Ack. I can't believe I never actually 'followed' your blog. (I'm here every morning, so how silly was that?) Situation rectified.

    Good job on the 4K. My WIP is moving along. I just used the last page of my notebook and started a new one. Of course, after I did that, I counted the pages I have left to type and the 30+ pages of scrawl is a little daunting.

  4. I have a little award for you on my blog if you're in the mood :)

  5. Congratulations on your inspiration -long may it last. I had one this week that's pretty special too, although it will take a lot of resesarch. Perhaps there's something in the air! And right now I know exactly what you mean when you say your brand new idea has elbowed out everything else...

  6. Roni- Thanks! I used to be able to write 9000 a week, but with school I'm happy to get 500 out!

    Diana- Thank you hun! I hope the new wip wave sticks with me too! That's great! I hope you get lots done =]

    B.E.- LOL! It's okay, there are a few "ghost" followers. You weren't the only one =P

    Thanks! Wow, I don't know how you're doing it. Writing and then typing it up? ACK! Good luck!

    Diana (again =P) Thanks! I'll head over there sometime tonight.

    D.W.C- Thank you! Maybe there is something in the air! Good luck with your project!

  7. Congrats on writing 4K! That's awesome!!!

    This week I won a contest, which included a critique of my 1st chapter by author Kimberly Killion. She said I have a skilled hand and a strong, dramatic voice. That made me do a happy dance. She suggested I reshuffle some paragraphs, add a few more descriptors, and vary my sentences a bit.

    I worked on rewrites all day Sunday, and I'm quite pleased with the results. :)

  8. Jen- Wow! Congrats! That must have been such a big boost to your confidence!! One day I'll have to read it =D


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